35th Anniversary models spotted for sale

G-Shock collector G-Shock Maniac (@gshock_maniac on Instagram) is the first to post live shots of the G-Shock Big Bang Black 35th Anniversary Collection. The photos feature all four models and the 35th Anniversary boxes in a retail setting. In the posts G-Shock Maniac says that the watches are already available at Wadi Juwelier in the Netherlands. This is the only instance that we know of the watches being for sale at the moment and an official release date has yet to be announced. Wadi Juwelier also confirms that the watches are now for sale. It is noted that the “spectacular” matte finish on these watches is even more matte than usual and is “off the scale.” This rougher matte look can be seen in the photos.

Update: G-Shock Japan announced a September 2017 release for the Big Bang Black Collection and G-Shock USA announced an October 2017 release.

Update 2: G-Shock Maniac and Wadi Juwelier have removed the photos from Instagram. Perhaps these watches were not supposed to go on sale so early.

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