Aftermarket stainless steel bands for G-Shock by JaysAndKays

JaysAndKays Stainless Steel Band for G-Shock Rangeman

JaysAndKays on eBay is the go-to seller for aftermarket G-Shock parts such as bullbar face protectors, strap adapters, and nylon NATO-style straps. JaysAndKays is now selling metal strap adapters and stainless steel bands to upgrade popular G-Shock watches like the GW-9400 Rangeman, GX-56 “King”, GA-100 series, GG-1000 Mudmaster, and more. The stainless steel bands have a black PVD finish and the kits include all the necessary parts and tools for installation. The metal adapters can also accommodate two-piece NATO and Zulu-style bands that are also available and will work with one-piece straps too.

JaysAndKays products can also be seen on Instagram. There is also a YouTube channel with many instructional videos, including an informative video about the difference between NATO and Zulu straps.

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Anthony Halkyard
Anthony Halkyard
2 years ago

Where can i get a gold bull bar for my anniversary edition g shock 5735?

1 year ago

I just purchased a gold bullbar from JaysandKays for my wife’s GW-M5610. When it arrived, one of the underside crosspieces was visibly bent and gouged (strangely, this forum doesn’t permit photos or I’d gladly provide one!). When I reported this to them, I was told this is normal. I was then rudely taken to task for daring to suggest it was defective(?!). As anyone who has purchased a bullbar knows (I have two on other watches), the underside crosspieces are not bent and with gouges in them. That’s not “normal”… yeah, that’s what’s called defective! I was refused a replacement and instead issued a partial refund. Last purchase from them I will ever make.