Amazon Sellers who are Authorized Casio G-Shock Dealers

July 7, 2018

Some people may be reluctant to buy items from third-party sellers on, particularly with items that are not fulfilled by Amazon. Many third-party sellers are unrecognizable names who could be some shady guy in a basement. However, many sellers on Amazon are actually well-known brick and mortar stores that are authorized Casio G-Shock resellers. As such, watches purchased from these sellers will include a 1-year Casio warranty. Though the product page may say the watch only includes the 2-year Amazon warranty from Asurion, some of their seller pages say that a manufacturer’s warranty is included with their watches. To be sure, we emailed each seller listed here to confirm that they are an authorized Casio dealer and that G-Shock watches purchased from them on Amazon include a Casio warranty. These authorized resellers are often the ones selling the most recent G-Shock releases on Amazon as well as high-end models. Amazon itself is also an authorized Casio reseller (for watches sold by

(Disclaimer: Please note that we are reporting what the sellers told us, and while we trust most of these sellers and some of them are listed on Casio’s authorized retailers page, we have not verified each seller’s status with Casio and we cannot be responsible for any problems that may arise when claiming a warranty. We strongly urge you to contact both the seller and Casio before making a purchase to be sure of the seller’s current status. Keep in mind that if you need to claim a Casio warranty with one of these sellers you should do it directly through Casio or the seller, not Amazon.)

Altivo Timepieces
7221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Altivo Timepieces is a nice watch store in L.A. with an impressive selection of G-Shock watches. Altivo is often the first to sell new North American G-Shock releases. They responded to our email in about an hour and said “Yes, if you contact Casio you should mention that the watch is purchased from Altivo ( we are an Authorized Casio Dealer ).”

Altivo Timepieces Amazon Storefront

Arizona Fine Time (AZFINETIME)
3488, 7830 E Gelding Dr #100, Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Fine Time is one of the most well-known G-Shock dealers in the country. It often hosts special events with Casio and carries all the high-end G-Shock watches and limited editions. Though its Amazon seller page does not mention a manufacturer’s warranty, the company replied to our email very quickly and said, “We are an authorized retailer and our products come with Casio warranty.”

AZFINETIME Amazon Storefront

Reeds Jewelers

Reeds Jewelers is a well-known authorized dealer with many stores around the South and East Coast. It confirmed that its watches sold on Amazon are covered by a Casio warranty and said “We are an authorized Casio dealer . . . If the manufacturer has a warranty on the G-shock watches it will be honored through us.”

Reeds Jewelers Amazon Storefront

Tic Time Trends
Culver City Westfield Mall, 6000 Sepulveda Blvd Suite #2513, Culver City, California

Tic Time Trends is a boutique watch store owned by a Casio fan. This seller replied almost immediately to our email and said “Yes they do [include a Casio warranty]. We are authorized Casio retailers.” This is the first seller to offer the North American releases of the new MTG-B1000 on Amazon.

Tic Time Trends Amazon Storefront

Turntable Lab
84 East 10th Street, New York, NY

Turntable Lab is a great vinyl record music store that also sells G-Shock watches. The store replied quickly to our email and said “We are an authorized dealer for Casio G-Shock watches which are covered under warranty from the manufacturer.” Turntable Lab often sells the latest models and some limited editions. This seller was nice enough to sell a whole bunch of the GW-5035A-1 35th Anniversary watches on Amazon without any price markup.

Turntable Lab Amazon Storefront

Other Authorized Casio G-Shock Resellers on Amazon:

BC Surf & Sport
12 stores around the country

“Yes we are an authorized dealer and G Shock watches would come with whatever warranty Casio provides.”

BC Surf & Sport Amazon Storefront

The Bloc, Downtown Los Angeles
700 West 7th St. Los Angeles, California 90017
The Lab, Orange County
2930 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, California 92626

“We are an authorized G-Shock dealer. That means that there is a one year warranty through our company.”

BrandsWalk Amazon Storefront


“Yes we are an official Casio dealer and all our watches include a casio warranty.”

Cluburban Amazon Storefront

3 stores in Northwest Florida

IslandSurf is also known as Islanders Coastal Outfitter. This seller said, “Yes, we are a completely authorized Casio dealer and the warranty would process directly through Casio for all of our G-shock Watches.”

IslandSurf Amazon Storefront

MOOSE Limited

“We are an authorized dealer, and all our watches come from Casio. They should all be under the Casio warranty.”

MOOSE Limited Amazon Storefront

Princeton Watches

This seller replied to our email within a few minutes and said “Princeton Watches is an authorized retailer. Our watches come directly from the manufacturer and are covered by their warranty. When you order from us you will receive all original packaging and paperwork including the manufacturer’s warranty.” (In the past Princeton Watches was listed on G-Shock’s unauthorized resellers page but is no longer listed there, so we assume that whatever was causing that conflict has been taken care of.)

Princeton Watches Amazon Storefront

Savvy Watch

Online retailer Savvy Watch is an authorized dealer according to the site and said, “Yes, Savvy Watch is a certified Casio retailer. Any purchase made includes the manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise noted in the listing.”

Savvy Watch Amazon Storefront

Watch Trendz
16960 Alico Mission Way #102, Fort Myers, FL

“Yes, we are an Authorized Casio Retailer and have been for over a decade. Yes, your watch WILL include a Casio warranty and will also come with outer box, inner tin and instruction manual.”

Watch Trendz Amazon Storefront

Watches com

Formerly Watchismo, is notorious for shamelessly marking up the price of the limited edition GMW-B5000TFG-9 on its own site. Then there was some confusion in a forum about whether it is actually an authorized Casio reseller or not. We asked Casio about this and it is an authorized reseller, and received this reply from, “Yes, we are authorized retailers, you can find us on the list of authorized retailers on G-Shock’s website if you would like to verify. Our watches come with their manufacturer’s warranty and all of their original packaging.” This seller doesn’t have its items fulfilled by Amazon but it is worth taking note of as it offers some high-end MR-G watches.

Watches com Amazon Storefront

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