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Tough Solar Baby-G Watches with Multi-Band 6

Baby-G Tough Solar Multi-Band 6 watches

The Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 features are very common and popular in Casio G-Shock watches but the USA lineup is lacking Baby-G solar and atomic models. However there are many Japanese market Baby-G watches that have these features. Some are rather expensive but the BGR-3003 Series (left) and the classically styled BGD-5000 Series (center) are more affordable, making them our top picks for a solar Baby-G. Both watches are part of the Baby-G Tripper Series which consists of all watches with the Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 features. Many of the watches in this series are more expensive analog models like the metal and resin composite MSG-3200C (right).

Baby-G Tripper Series on Amazon Baby-G Tripper Series on eBay

Source: Tripper Series at Baby-G Japan

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4 years ago

It pisses me off so much that women’s products are often more expensive yet have inferior features.

I would rather purchase the man’s watch with the automatic time adjustment and solar charge even though my wrist is tiny and I will probably have to wear it on my bicep than some crappy “woman’s watch” at an over inflated price with no special features that fits me properly.

4 years ago
Reply to  Teresa

Yes, I wish Casio would release solar and radio-powered Baby-G watches worldwide but I guess the market outside of Japan is not large enough to make it worthwhile. However, the new MSG-S200 (Tough Solar for North America and Asia) and MSG-W200 (Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 for Europe and China) will be released soon.