Best Casio Pro Trek ABC Sensor Watches 2019

Best Pro Trek Watch 2015Pro Trek (formerly known as Pathfinder) is another Casio brand like G-Shock that is designed for outdoor activities and aimed at outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, backpackers, campers, and climbers. Pro Trek has many of the same technical features as G-Shock like Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic time-syncing, and Triple Sensor (ABC) environmental sensors.

Before sensors became more common in high-end G-Shock watches, Pro Trek was the go-to brand for such features. Functionally Pro Trek has an advantage over G-Shock with its LCD displays featuring very large digits and more information. With larger and more detailed displays featuring graphs, dial ring LCD markers, and dual layer LCD pointers on some models, a Pro Trek is capable of showing more data. If you’ve ever felt that the digital display on a G-Shock watch was too small then you might want to look at some Pro Trek models. Another advantage is that you can get a Pro Trek watch with a Triple Sensor for less than a G-Shock with a Triple Sensor, or an analog-style Triple Sensor Pro Trek cheaper than an analog Triple Sensor G-Shock. If you want an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer but don’t want to pay a premium for a G-Shock Master of G watch then it is worth looking into the Pro Trek line. Also some may prefer the more straightforward and slimmer Pro Trek designs versus the larger G-Shock exteriors. Pro Trek watches do not have Shock Resist for extreme shock resistance, but they are still very durable and designed for use in all outdoor conditions like rain and snow. They can also handle swimming and recreational diving. Pro Trek watches have at least 100-meter water resistance and low-temperature resistance (-10 C / 14 F). As with G-Shock we are starting to see more analog-digital Pro Trek models.

When choosing the best Pro Trek watches we mainly focus on features and price. All of our choices have the Tough Solar power system and the Triple Sensor for maximum outdoor functionality. The Triple Sensor is commonly known as an ABC sensor and also includes a thermometer. Newer models have the Triple Sensor Version 3, the latest version which is slimmer and more battery-efficient. Some mid-range and high-end models are equipped with Multi-Band 6 which automatically adjusts the time 6 times a day via radio wave reception from 6 transmitting stations located in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China.

All the Pro Trek watches listed here have these common features: Tough Solar: solar rechargeable battery, Triple Sensor (altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer), 100M water resistance (some have 200M), full auto LED backlight with afterglow, sunrise/sunset data (except for PRG600, PRW5050, and PRW6000 analog-digital models), world time, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, stopwatch, countdown timer, full auto calender, 12/24 hour formats, and button tone on/off.

Here are the best Casio Pro Trek Watches for 2016 from least to most expensive.

Pro Trek PRG-270-1: Best Affordable ProTrek ABC Watch

The PRG-270-1 is an affordable watch and like most Pro Trek models has one-button access to compass, barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature readings. It is a good alternative to the G-Shock Rangeman if shopping for an ABC sensor watch on a budget. The Rangeman costs significantly more and the Pro Trek PRG2-70 is priced similarly to the G-Shock Mudman which only has the Twin Sensor with a compass and thermometer.

PROS: Affordable price, Triple Sensor Version 3
CONS: No Multi-Band 6
RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone looking for an affordable solar ABC watch

Casio Pro Trek PRG-270-1

PRG-270-1 on Amazon PRG-270 on eBay

Pro Trek PRG300-1A2: Best Budget ProTrek ABC Watch

As G-Shock watches got bigger, some Pro Trek watches have gotten smaller. The PRG300-1A2 has the distinction of being the lightest Pro Trek watch at 57 grams. It is also one of the slimmest in height. It has a simple, sporty look and is available in a wide range of colors including camouflage (see link below). Dimensions are 56.0 x 47.0 x 12.6mm. List price is $250.
PROS: Lightweight, slim, affordable, Triple Sensor Version 3
CONS: No Multi-Band 6
RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone who wants a lightweight and slim solar ABC watch
Pro Trek PRG300-1A2

PRG300-1A2 on Amazon

See Other Colors on Amazon

PRG300 on eBay

Pro Trek PRW-3100YB-1: Best Thin and Light ProTrek ABC Watch

The PRW-3100YB-1 is slim and light like the PRG300 but in addition to being solar-powered it also has Multi-Band 6 for hassle-free timekeeping. As part of the PRW-3100 is also has upgraded hardware such as a stainless steel bezel and super-twisted nematic (STN) LCD display for higher contrast and better readability at angles. Dimensions are 56.0 x 47.1 x 12 mm and the weight is 68 grams.

PROS: Multi-Band 6, Tripler Sensor Version 3, slim and smaller size
CONS: Sporty appearance may not appeal to those who prefer a rugged appearance
RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone who wants a slim and lightweight solar ABC watch with Multi-Band 6

Pro Trek PRW-3100YB-1

PRW-3100YB-1 on Amazon PRW-3100YB-1 on eBay

PRG600Y-1: Best Affordable Analog Pro Trek Watch

The PRG600Y-1 is a surprisingly affordable analog-digital Pro Trek model featuring a safari-inspired design with a large, highly visible index and hands. It is a fully equipped Tough Solar model with the Triple Sensor Version 3 and water resistance to 100 meters. The PRG600Y-1 has some high-end components such as a stainless steel bezel, luminous hands and markers, dual LED lights, and a STN LCD display for enhanced readability. This model comes with Dura Soft silicon band for increased comfort. It measures 51.6 x 51.5 x 13.4 mm and weighs 78 grams. List price is $320.

PROS: Great price for an analog-digital model
CONS: No Multi-Band 6
RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who prefer analog watches

PRG600Y-1 Best Affordable Analog Pro Trek Watch

PRG600Y-1 on Amazon PRG600Y-1 on eBay

Also recommended: The PRG-650Y-1 improves on the the PRG-600 series with the addition of the Neon Illuminator blacklight LED for enhanced nighttime viewing. This model also has a dual-layer band with a luminescent inner layer.

Pro Trek PRW3500-1: Best ProTrek ABC Watch For Water Sports

The PRW3500-1 is a full-featured Pro Trek watch with Multi-Band 6. It is also water-resistant to 200 meters, making it suitable for all environments and activities like snorkeling and water sports. Dimensions are 56.9 x 53.4.0 x 14.5mm and weight is 89 grams. List price is $300. It is also available as the PRW3500T-7, a more subdued-looking 128 gram titanium model, and the orange PRW3500Y-4.
PROS: Multi-Band 6, 200M water resistance, Triple Sensor Version 3
CONS: Bezel is rather showy on black model
RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who need an ABC watch with 200M water resistance

Pro Trek PRW3500-1

PRW3500-1 on Amazon

See Other Colors on Amazon

PRW3500 on eBay

PAG240T-7: Best ProTrek ABC Watch For Hiking, Camping, Hunting

The solar-powered PAG240T-7 has the classic look commonly associated with Pathfinder watches and this rugged and clean style may be the most appealing to G-Shock fans. It has a duplex LCD display and a titanium band. With its easy to see pointers this model is a good choice for hiking and trekking and is a great all-around watch for outdoor activities. Dimensions are 57.3 X 50.9 X 15.3mm and weight is 111.4 grams. List price is $300. The PAG240 is also available with resin and nylon bands.
PROS: Duplex LCD, titanium band
CONS: No Multi-Band 6
RECOMMENDED FOR: Those who want a classic-style Pro Trek with duplex LCD display

Pro Trek PAG240T-7

PAG240T-7 on Amazon

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PAG240 on eBay

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