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Casio Pro Trek Deals for Spring and Summer 2020

As we head into summer, Amazon has some nice deals on Casio Pro Trek watches. Pro Trek watches feature the Triple Sensor (altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer), and most have Tough Solar power and 100-meter water resistance.

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Pro Trek PRW-3100YB-1: The PRW-3100YB-1 is a premium digital model that has a relatively compact form factor with a stainless steel bezel and a high-contrast STN LCD display. It has Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping, in addition to Tough Solar and the Triple Sensor.

Pro Trek PRT-B50: Excluding the Pro Trek Smart line of smartwatches, the PRT-B50 is the first Pro Trek watch with a Quad Sensor (Triple Sensor and accelerometer for step counting) and Bluetooth smartphone link. Unlike most Pro Trek watches, it is not solar-powered, but it does have a battery level indicator. It is similar to the more rugged G-Shock GG-B100 Mudmaster, but some features in its favor include a rotary bezel and the Neon Illuminator black light LED. Also, the PRT-B50-1 is available with a standard (non-inverted) LCD display.

Pro Trek PRW-50Y-1A: The PRW-50Y-1A is a full-featured Pro Trek with Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, and the Triple Sensor in a smaller analog-digital form and traditional safari style. Other features include an STN LCD display and the Neon Illuminator black light LED. This model has a gray IP stainless steel bezel and a Durosoft silicone band.

Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30: The WSD-F30 is Pro Trek’s third and latest generation (Google) Wear OS smartwatch with a dual color and monochrome touchscreen display and advanced power management. It is water-resistant to 50 meters, so it can handle swimming and light water activities. The watch requires charging with the included USB cable and AC adapter.

Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR: The WSD-F21HR is based on the second-generation WSD-F20 smartwatch with the addition of an optical heart rate monitor for enhanced fitness functions.

Pro Trek PRG-600-1: The PRG-600-1 has an attractive safari style with a high-visibility dial, stainless steel bezel, Tough Solar power, and the Triple Sensor. This model also has a positive STN LCD display for enhanced readability.

Pro Trek PRG-270: The PRG-270 is often discounted year-round, and it is always one of the best deals, as it is the most affordable Casio watch with Tough Solar power and the Triple Sensor.

Pro Trek PRW-3510Y-8: Another frequently discounted Triple Sensor model, the PRW-3510Y-8 with rotary bezel has premium features like 200-meter water resistance, a high-contrast STN LCD display, and a silicone band. It also has Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6.

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