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Discontinued 2019 G-Shock Releases

According to G-Shock.jp, the following G-Shock releases from 2019 have been discontinued and are no longer in production.

This list does not include the designated limited edition (“JR”) models. Most special color releases have a limited production run that eventually ends, but this may not be the case for all special color models, as some may be kept in production indefinitely. Also, discontinued does not necessarily mean unavailable, as there could still be a large supply for the time being, but some models may become increasingly difficult to find in the future.

DW-5600SB-2JF, DW-5600SB-3JF, DW-5600SB-4JF: The translucent blue, green, and red models from the Color Skeleton Series.
G-Shock DW-5600SB Color Skeleton Series

GA-140AR-1AJF, GA-700AR-1AJF, GAW-100AR-1AJF, GW-B5600AR-1JF: Four of five models from the Adrenalin Red Series.
G-Shock Black and Red AR Series

GA-700BMC-1AJF, GA-140BMC-1AJF: Two of four models from the Neo Tokyo Series.
G-Shock Black x Neon Series: DW-6900BMC-1JF GA-140BMC-1AJF GA-700BMC-1AJF GAW-100BMC-1AJF

GA-140-4AJF, GA-140-6AJF: Red and purple models from the GA-140 debut.
G-Shock GA-140-4A

G-Shock GA-140-6A

DW-5900RS-1JF, DW-5900RS-9JF, GA-100RS-2AJF, GA-100RS-4AJF: All four models from the Rock Music Series.
G-Shock Hot Rock Sounds

AWG-M100SRB-4AJF, GA-110RB-1AJF, GAW-100RB-1AJF: Three of four models from the Red Black Series.
G-Shock AWG-M100SRB-4A GA-110RB-1A GAW-100RB-1A GW-M5610RB-4 Black Red White

DW-5600SK-1JF, DW-6900SK-1JF, GA-400SK-1A4JF, GA-400SK-1A9JF, GA-700SK-1AJF: All five models from the Clear Skeleton Series.
G-Shock Clear Skeleton Series DW-5600SK-1 DW-6900SK-1 GA-400SK-1A4 GA-400SK-1A9 GA-700SK-1A

AWG-M100SBL-1AJF, GA-100BL-1AJF, GA-800BL-1AJF, GAW-100BL-1AJF, GW-B5600BL-1JF: All five models from the ’90s Colors Series.
G-Shock 90s Color Purple Series

GBA-800UC-2AJF, GBA-800UC-5AJF, GBD-800UC-3JF, GBD-800UC-5JF, GBD-800UC-8JF: All five models from the G-SQUAD Utility Color Series.
G-Shock GBA-800UC GBD-800UC Utility Color: GBA-800UC-2A GBA-800UC-5A GBD-800UC-3 GBD-800UC-5 GBD-800UC-8

GST-W330L-1AJF: Mid-size G-STEEL with Tough Leather band.
G-Shock G-STEEL GST-W330L-1A

GA-800MMC-1AJF, GA-110MMC-1AJF, GA-700MMC-1AJF, GA-800MMC-1AJF: All four models from the Black and Rose Gold Series.
G-Shock Black and Rose Gold MMC Series

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