Fisherman’s Life wears G-Shock DW-5600

Fisherman's Life G-Shock DW-5600

Fishing channels on YouTube have been exploding in popularity lately, and one of our favorites is Fisherman’s Life. Host Matts has a laid back but passionate approach that is a hit with others too, as he recently doubled his subscriber count and is nearing one million. Lately, Matts has been wearing the G-Shock DW-5600 in his fishing videos. His specialty is jigging for rockfish off the cliffs of Northern California, and he often travels and does other types of fishing. Avid anglers will certainly enjoy his videos, and novices are likely to learn from them. The very affordable and very rugged DW-5600 is a fine choice for his fishing adventures, as he is often exposed to the elements, fish guts, and butter.

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