G-Shock and Baby-G New Releases for April 2022

The following G-Shock and Baby-G watches were released in April 2022. Release information for these models is not yet available for regions outside of Asia, unless otherwise stated.

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B500: The GST-B500 is the slimmest G-STEEL watch to date and has a clean dial layout similar to the GA-2100. Released in Japan and Asia.

All-new G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B500 is thinner than the GST-B400

G-Shock Blue Paisley Series: Five popular models get the blue paisley dial treatment. The AWG-M100SBP-1AJF (left) is Japan-only and the GA-700BP-1A (second row) is being released in other Asian countries but not Japan.

G-Shock Blue Paisley Series: AWG-M100SBP-1AJF GA-100BP-1A GA-2100BP-1A GW-B5600BP-1

G-Shock GA-700BP-1A

G-Shock S Series GMA-S2200: The GMA-S2200 is a smaller S Series version of the rugged GA-2200. This series was released in Japan but was not released in other Asian countries.

G-Shock GMA-S2200 S Series

Baby-G BGA-310: The three-handed BGA-310 is designed for outdoor use and features a front light button, one-touch stopwatch start with 120 lap memory, and a free-moving band. Released in Japan and Asia.

Baby-G BGA-310 and Baby-G BGA-310C

Baby-G BGD-565: The BGD-565 is a smaller and thinner classic “square” design than the BGD-560. Released in Japan, Asia, U.S.A., and Europe.

Baby-G BGD-565

Baby-G BGD-565 versus BGD-560

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1 month ago

Was excited for the gstb500 until I saw the lug design. Bracelet does not utilize traditional springbars, but instead 2 screws on the underside.

Also, it looks too much like my beloved 2100. Kinda steals it’s thunder.

The paisley series appears ok. I need to see real life pictures before I can say for sure.