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G-Shock Christmas Gift Ideas

Need some last minute Christmas gift ideas? You can’t go wrong giving the gift of G-Shock. Here are our top Christmas gift picks.

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G-Shock Gift for Brother: GST-S110-1A

Perhaps your brother is already a fan and owns a few G-Shock watches and now you want to get him something a little different. The GST-S110-1A from the new G-STEEL series is the natural choice. Combining a stainless steel and resin body with a comfortable and easily adjustable resin band, the GST-S110-1A is a more refined-looking G-Shock that can handle casual use, the office, and dressier situations like a night out. The G-STEEL series is an affordable analog-digital line that has proven to be one of the big G-Shock successes of 2015.

G-Shock Gift for Husband: GWG-1000-1A3

If you don’t mind spending a lot on your husband then we suggest what is clearly the G-Shock of the Year, the GWG-1000-1A3 Mudmaster. The Mudmaster was one of the most highly anticipated new G-Shock models and one of the most popular watches on G-Central. The Mudmaster is the first tactical-styled analog G-Shock watch and is the first analog G-Shock since the Gulfmaster to have the Triple Sensor featuring altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer sensors. The Mudmaster also has Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 radio timekeeping, an LCD display for easy access to its functions, a sapphire crystal for extra durability and a vibration resistant structure to handle the most demanding applications. For a black band, yellow band, or back and gold version see our Mudmaster page. If the Mudmaster is too pricey for you, the more affordable digital fan-favorite Rangeman also has the Triple Sensor.

G-Shock Gift for Father or Son: GW-M5610-1

If dad is super old-school and still wearing a svelte Casio A158W-1 digital watch, he’s probably not going to enjoy wearing a big case G-Shock GA-110. The GW-M5610-1 is one of the slimmest G-Shock watches available with advanced features like Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6, so dad won’t have to worry about changing batteries or manually adjusting the time for accuracy. If dad prefers analog watches then we suggest the equally capable AWG-M100B-1A. As one of the smaller G-Shock watches, a teenage son should have no problem fitting the GW-M5610-1 and hopefully it will set the foundation for an appreciation of G-Shock history and the classic 5600 design.

G-Shock Gift for Service Member: GW-6900-1

Any G-Shock watch would be fit for military duty as long as it is conservatively styled, but since we have to pick one here we’re going with the GW-6900-1. This G-Shock watch is very similar in design to the former Navy SEAL-issued DW-6600 but has upgraded features like Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 automatic timekeeping. Its simple design, front-facing backlight button, and world time function make it a great pick for service members or anyone who needs a reliable watch for work. While the standard DW-6900 model (non-solar/atomic) has been going strong for 20 years, it is rumored that the GW-6900 has been discontinued, so this might be a good time to get one before it becomes scarce.

G-Shock Gift for Her: GMA-S110CW-7A1

It can be difficult to choose a G-Shock watch for women since there aren’t any clear-cut winning models and they come in such a wide variety of colors with very subjective appeal. The GMA-S110CW Cool White Collection is one of the more favored S Series lines here at G-Central. These more conservative designs are a welcome addition to the often showy S Series for women. We particularly like the GMA-S110CW-7A1 featuring a subtle black and silver display. With this neutral-colored design, hopefully that special someone will want to wear this G-Shock all the time. Another popular S Series line is the recent Pink Series GMA-S110MP.

G-Shock Gift for Self: GW-5000-1JF

It never hurts to spoil yourself a little at Christmas, and the truth is you’re probably not going to receive the GW-5000-1JF as a gift from anyone because nobody else realizes how special it is or wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a simple digital watch. But this isn’t your ordinary G-Shock. The GW-5000-1JF is a tribute to the first ever DW-5000C G-Shock from 1983. It is a modernized tribute, as it has a tougher-looking face design and also adds features like Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 radio-signal timekeeping. Unlike the 5600 models which use plastic the GW-5000 has a full stainless steel case (under the bezel). It also has a screw-lock case back like the original G-Shock (which many consider a sturdier design) and also adds a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to it for increased scratch protection. It is also one of the few G-Shock models that is only made in Japan. The GW-5000-1JF is only for the most devoted G-Shock fan, and there are other unique G-Shocks from Japan that you might want to consider first.

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