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G-Shock Collect Tower Watch Display Case

Previously a hard to find specialty item, the G-Shock Collect Tower display case can now be easily purchased on Amazon and eBay. Also known as the “COLLECTOWER,” the tower display case is designed for use with G-Shock watches. The tower is advertised as holding six watches and comes with five adjustable shelves but it can really only hold five G-Shock watches (maybe six Baby-G watches) or four if you have several big case G-Shocks. The watch has a hinged door that closes the case and protects the watches from dust. Since the case is clear it allows solar watches to charge if placed near a light source. Since it must be imported from Japan the G-Shock Collect Tower is not cheap but it is an effective solution for a messy desk full of watches and a good way to display your growing watch collection.

G-Shock Collect Tower on Amazon G-Shock Collect Tower on eBay

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