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G-Shock G-100 classic analog watches: G-100-1BV, G-100-2BV, G-100-9CM, G-100-1BJF the POOL aoyama

G-100-2BVThe G-Shock G-100 is a classic analog-digital model that goes back to the year 2000. It remains one of the most popular G-Shock watches today due to its analog design, standard size, and affordable price. The G-100 makes a great weekend watch for sports or outdoor activities and is also a good everyday beater for those who prefer an analog display and want a simple, affordable watch. The G-100 features 200M water-resistance, magnetic resistant structure, EL backlight, dual time, daily alarm, stopwatch, auto calendar, 12/24 hour format, and 3-year battery. The features this G-Shock sacrifices for its low price are world time and a countdown timer and there is no automatic activation setting for the backlight. The G-100 makes a good first G-Shock because of its simplicity but if you are looking for a travel watch we suggest looking into a more advanced model. Here are the current G-100 models available.

G-100-1BV - The standard black model with with red lettering and red hour hand.Amazon

G-100-2BV - A blue model with yellow lettering and yellow hour hand. Appears to be a UK release.Amazon

G-100-9CM - A black model with yellow lettering and yellow hour hand. The only G-100 with a standard LCD display.Amazon

G-100-1BJFG-100-1BJF the POOL aoyama x G-Shock Collaboration - Stealth matte black Japan-only release with red hour hand. A June 2015 collaboration with Japanese streetwear fashion brand the POOL aoyama.eBay
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