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G-Shock GM2100-1A page at Amazon shows wrong images

G-Shock GM2100-1A page at Amazon shows wrong images (GM2100N-2A)

Update: The photos in the listing have been corrected.

The product page for the G-Shock GM2100-1A on Amazon.com, which is silver and black, shows images of the GM2100N-2A, which is blue. There are also other mistakes in the listing, such as the watch being designated as a women’s model and the band color listed as blue.

We can’t guarantee that you will receive the GM2100-1A with no other mistakes made if you order from the GM2100-1A page, but there are some other indications that the watch being sold is the GM2100-1A and not the GM2100N-2A.

1. The price of the item from most (but not all) sellers is $200, and the MSRP of the GM2100-1A is $200. (The other debut GM2100 models are $220 because the stainless steel bezel on those watches has an ion plating.)

2. There is also an Amazon listing for the blue GM2100N-2A (amazon link), which shows the correct images.

The item in the GM2100-1A listing is available from some sellers as “fulfilled by Amazon,” which means that it will be easy to return (with free return shipping) if you choose this option, should you want to take your chances. (Also, the “Turntable Lab” seller previously told us that it is an authorized G-Shock reseller.) We, along with others, have posted public questions on Amazon about the error, but none of them have been answered. If anyone has successfully ordered and received the GM2100-1A from this Amazon page, please let us know.

The GM2100-1A has been selling out quickly at many retailers, and Casio recently reported that COVID-19-related restrictions on parts manufacturers led to a shortage of watches in the U.S.

G-Shock GM2100-1A Page at Amazon

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