G-Shock New Releases for October 2021

October is a great month because it means G-Shock is starting to load up for the holiday shopping season, and there are a lot of new watches to look forward to. Here are all the new G-Shock releases announced in Japan and Asia for October 2021, including release information for other regions if available. (Some of the watches may also be released in other countries and regions that are not listed in the “Expected” section, as that section is reserved for regions that we have solid information on at the moment.) Any American releases are expected to follow later, possibly in late October or November.

Mudmaster GWG-2000 Series: The first G-Shock watches made with forged carbon parts, also thinner and lighter than the GWG-1000. Confirmed: Japan, Asia, UK (now available at g-shock.co.uk), Europe. Expected: US (GWG1000-1A1, GWG1000-1A3, GWG1000-1A5, $800 each)

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2000 is made of forged carbon and has a Carbon Core Guard case

AWM-500-1A Analog-Digital Origin Tribute: A full-metal screw-back tribute to the first G-Shock with an analog display. Confirmed: Japan, Asia. Expected: US (AWM500-1A $550)

G-Shock AWM-500-1A Angle

Virtual Blue Series: The lineup for this dreamy series depends on where in the world you are. Confirmed: Japan (AWG-M520VB-1AJF, GA-2100VB-1AJF, plus AWG-M100SVB-1AJF in November). Expected: Asia (GA-2100VB-1A, GA-700VB-1A, GA-900VB-1A), US (GA2100VB-1A $110, GA700VB-1A $110, GA900VB-1A $140)

G-Shock GA-700VB-1A GA-900VB-1A Virtual Blue

G-Shock AWG-M520VB-1A GA-2100VB-1A

Color Square Origin Tributes and DW-5600REC-9 Interchangeable Set: These watches are a tribute to the first color G-Shock models. Confirmed: Japan (DW-5600REC-9JF coming in November 2021), Asia. Expected: US (DW5600RB-2 $99, DW5600RB-3 $99, DW5600REC-9 $110, DWE5600R-9 $210)

G-Shock Color Origin Squares: DW-5600RB-2 DW-5600RB-3 DW-5600REC-9

G-Shock DWE-5600R-9 Box Set with Yellow, Black, Red Bezels and Bands

G-Shock MTG-B2000XD-1A and MTG-B2000YBD-1A: The first MTG-B2000 models with carbon fiber fronts. Confirmed: Japan, Asia. Expected: US (MTGB2000YBD1 $1,200)

G-Shock MTG-B2000XD-1A and MTG-B2000YBD-1A with Carbon Fiber Exteriors

G-Shock MTG-B2000XD-1A Angle

G-Shock MTG-B2000YBD-1A Angle

GM-2100CH-1A & GM-S2100CH-1A Christmas Colors: Mid-size and small-size stainless steel-covered models (available individually) with holiday colors. Confirmed: Asia

Mars and Venus G-Shock and Baby-G Paired Design: These paired G-Shock and Baby-G watches in red copper and gold are available separately. Confirmed: Asia. Expected: US (GSTB400MV-5A $390)

Mars and Venus Concept Pair: G-Shock GST-B400MV-5A & Baby-G MSG-B100MV-5A

GST-B400CD-1A3: The slimmest G-STEEL gets a unique green ion plated bezel. Confirmed: Japan, Asia, UK. Expected: US (GSTB400CD1A3 $430)

GST-B400CD-1A3 Angle

Porter x G-Shock AWM-500GC-1A: Limited edition full-metal analog-digital origin tribute with DLC and Porter carrying bag. Confirmed: Asia. Expected: Japan (AWM-500GC-1AJR, November?), US (AWM500GC-1A $1,100)

Full-metal AWM-500GC-1A is a Porter collaboration with DLC

GW-M5610U-1C and GW-M5610U-2: These two new colorways for the updated GW-M5610U are only designated for Japan so far.

More G-Shock GW-M5610U: GW-M5610U-1C and GW-M5610U-2

GMW-B5000TVA-1: Despite its very niche mecha-inspired styling, this full titanium square with DLC coating is one of the most talked about new G-Shocks. Confirmed: Japan, Asia. Expected: US (GMWB5000TVA1 $1,650)

G-Shock GMW-B5000TVA-1 Mecha Robot

GMA-S2100WT Winter Tricolor Series: Three black-white baby “CasiOak” models with red-white-blue accents. Confirmed: Asia. Expected: Japan (November)

GMA-S2100WT Winter Tricolor Series for the baby CasiOak

G-Shock GSR-H1000AST-1JR and GSR-H1000AST-1AJR: These advanced running watches, co-developed with Asics, are sold separately from the compatible CMT-S20R-AS motion sensor and are designed to be used with the Runmetrix and Walkmetrix smartphone apps in Japan. They are not expected to be released outside of Japan.

G-Shock GSR-H1000AST-1JR and GSR-H1000AST-1AJR: First GSR-H1000 models available without motion sensor set

Naruto x G-Shock GA-110 Pair for China: G-Shock China is releasing two collaboration watches on October 20 with the Naruto manga series. These watches are not expected to be released outside of China.

Naruto x G-Shock GA-110 Pair in China

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