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G-Shock Photos of the Week: 2015-12-06

Black and Gold Master of G Gulfmaster and Mudmaster side by side…

A photo posted by Abel (@customgmiami) on

Rangeman of the Year candidate Burton Snowboards x G-Shock GW-9400BTJ-8

Eddi Aft and the Mudmaster robot from the G-Shock x adFunter x VEIL Master of G Collection

A photo posted by LeFucker (@lefocker) on

The S Series Cool White Collection’s GMA-S110CW-7A1 is the perfect winter G-Shock…

Pro snowboarder Louie Vito wearing the G-Shock G-LIDE GLS-8900AR-3

Brown desert camouflage G-Shock from the GD-X6900MC series…

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