G-Shock Watch New Releases for February 2022

The following G-Shock watches are new releases for February 2022 in Japan. Some models may also be released in other countries later.

Rubik’s x G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A: This colorful collaboration with the iconic 1980s puzzle toy was also announced for Europe.

Rubik's Cube x G-Shock

New MRG-B2000 in Akazonae Red, Basic Black, Silver: G-Shock adds three new models to the peak MRG-B2000 series, including a samurai-inspired Akazonae edition and standard basic black and silver-black models.

New MRG-B2000 Watches for 2022: Akazonae MRG-B2000B-1A4, Basic Black MRG-B2000B-1A1, Silver-Black MRG-B2000D-1A

Fire Package 2022: This year’s Fire Package models include a familiar AWG-M100 and GW-2320 pair and a pair of G-STEEL watches for the first time.

G-Shock Fire Package 2022

Sound Wave Series: This music-inspired series includes a GA-900 and two GA-2200 watches with skeleton-style bezels and bands. The blue GA-900SKL was released in other Asian countries but not Japan.

G-Shock GA-900SKL and GA-2200SKL Skeleton Series

GA-2100 Neon Accent Series: The best-selling GA-2100 in stealthy black is paired with high-contrast neon hands and markers.

G-Shock GA-2100 Neon Accent Series: Stealth black with neon GA-2100-1A2 GA-2100-1A3 GA-2100-1A4

Midnight Fog Series: The Midnight Fog Series features five ion-plated stainless steel-covered models with matte skeleton bands.

G-Shock Mystic Fog Series: GM-110MF-1A GM-2100MF-5A GM-5600MF-2 GM-S2100MF-1A GM-S5600MF-6

Gold and Silver Skeleton Series: This four-watch series with translucent bezels and bands includes mid-size GMA-S110 and GMA-S120 models.

GMA-S110 and GMA-S120 Gold and Silver Skeleton S Series

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Joakim Ågren
Joakim Ågren
3 months ago

I like the midnight fog series, very sophisticated and it is yet another development of the CFM concept, this time around never before used colors in the foggy translucent resin straps and bead blasted satin finish on the metal parts. Unfortunately the square models I like the purple one the most but that one is the smaller version so not getting that and for the CasioOak 2100 model the larger version is the brown version and I do not like brown so not getting that either. So what is left for me is the 110 model and I do like that one so might end up getting one of those but not sure. Money is an issue as I have money put on other models.

That neon accent series might be popular with modders in Asia. Seem like great candidates for some jelly resin mods with bright colours?

The one I had my eyes on the most is the blue jelly GA-900 Skeleton model but strangely that one was not announced for Japan this month. Do this mean it will come out next month or will Japan simply not be getting that one? Perhaps they do not have blooh music in Japan haha The red jelly 2200 model is also very nice but I have a slight preference for the blue jelly 900 model.

Otherwise the Rubiks Oak is the one getting the most attention but I do not know if I will end up with one of those but it is a funny one so maybe…