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G-Shock x L’Amour Supreme DW6900-1VLS‬ 20th Anniversary

G-Shock x L'Amour DW6900-1VLS 20th anniversary collaboration watch
The G-Shock x L’Amour DW6900-1VLS‬ collaboration watch was a G-Shock Soho Store exclusive that was limited to 200 pieces and only available at a store event on July 10. The collaboration was done to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the DW6900 and included a custom DW6900 watch with bands designed by the artist L’Amour Supreme and the production number engraved on the case back. Youtuber Mike835 was able to buy one and posted a video. The list price was $150 and it also included a custom box and a matching limited edition t-shirt.

Source: G-Shock Soho Store

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