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Iced Out Diamond Bling Designer G-Shock Watches

Once limited to the realm of celebrities and their personal jewelers, “iced out” diamond bling G-Shock watches are now available to the masses at more affordable prices. These models use “lab diamonds” to create an extravagant blingy look without the exorbitant price of a real diamond watch. Keep in mind that using unauthorized aftermarket bezels like these will void any warranties and potentially compromise the watch’s shock resistance.

Designer Iced Out G-Shock DW6900

This custom G-Shock DW-6900 has a white gold tone for a clean and classy iced out look. Lab diamonds adorn the bezel, face, and the custom metallic clasp-lock band. These designer G-Shocks also have matching metallic EL backlight buttons for a maximum bling effect.

Yellow Gold Finish Fully Iced Out G-Shock DW6900

This designer G-Shock DW-6900 has a yellow gold tone and white lab diamonds that combine for a traditional blingy look. This is a good choice if you want your iced out G-Shock to get the maximum amount of attention.

Amazon seller Master of Bling sells many different diamond-style G-Shock watches, including this GA-110.

Another option for iced out G-Shock is to buy an iced out bezel on Amazon and install it yourself on your own G-Shock. This option isn’t quite as nice as a fully iced out watch with a matching band and metallic backlight button, but it is more affordable.

There are also some options that include an iced out bezel and face.

The recommended G-Shock base model for an iced out bling customization is the G-Shock DW-6900, offering retro chic style with an iconic G-Shock case.

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