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1 G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B600D-1A


The G-Shock GST-B600 continues the downsizing trend of the G-STEEL line and is currently the thinnest G-Shock series for men. At just 11.4 millimeters thick, the GST-B600 is even slimmer than the GA-2100 which previously held the title. The width of 42.3 mm is also smaller than other analog G-Shock series and closer to the size of traditional wristwatches. The GST-B600 is powered by Tough Solar power and has Bluetooth connectivity for additional functions like automatic time correction, time and place log, and reminders.   Bluetooth
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2 G-Shock GMA-P2100-4A


The G-Shock GMA-P2100 is a women’s series that is the smallest version of the popular octagonal 2100 series. It is smaller than the women’s GMA-S2100 and has a shorter band to accommodate smaller wrists. The GMA-P2100 has a minimalist analog-digital dial design that lacks the day-of-week indicator of the GMA-S2100 but retains the LCD display.
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3 G-Shock Rangeman GPR-H1000-1

G-SHOCK GPR-H1000 Rangeman

The G-Shock Rangeman GPR-H1000 expands on the Triple Sensor functions of the original Rangeman GW-9400 with the addition of an MIP LCD display, GPS, heart rate monitor, step tracker, Bluetooth, tide graph, and moon data. The GPR-B1000 is officially mud-resistant and features the protected cylindrical button structure seen on other series like the Mudman GW-9500 and Mudmaster. The heart rate monitor and step tracker provide activity tracking and training analysis including blook oxygen level, cardio load status, VO2 max, and calorie consumption with type of energy used (fat, carbohydrate, and protein). The GPR-H1000 is very much like a heavy duty version of the GBD-H2000 and features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with wired USB charging and solar-assisted charging.   Mud and Dust Resistant Bluetooth GPS Heart Rate Monitor Step Counter Altimeter Barometer Compass Thermometer Tide Graph Moon Data Vibration
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4 G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1


The G-Shock GCW-B5000 series was launched with two limited edition models for the G-Shock 40th Anniversary in late 2023. It is the first Origin 5000 series with a bezel and link band made of forged carbon and also the first classic “square” with a carbon monocoque case. The use of carbon and titanium metal parts results in an extremely low weight of 65 grams, which is lighter than the GW-5000. The GCW-B5000 shares the same functions as the full metal GMW-B5000, including Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time correction, and Bluetooth smartphone link. The Bluetooth connection and Casio Watches smartphone app provide additional functions such as adjusting alarm and timer settings on the app, reminders for dates, a time & place log, automatic summer time (DST) switching, and automatic or one-touch time adjustment which is useful for those who are outside the range of Multi-Band 6 transmitters.   Multi-Band 6 Bluetooth Made in Japan
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5 Dream Project #2 G-Shock G-D001


The Dream Project #2 G-Shock G-D001 is a one-of-one 40th Anniversary limited edition made of 18-karat gold that will be auctioned for charity in December 2023. The G-D001 was made with generative design and the assistance of AI. Innovative features include the organic-like structure of the bezel and band and the see-through dial with with solar power charging.
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6 G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-B1000-1A

G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 Mudmaster

The G-Shock GWG-B1000 Mudmaster adds Bluetooth smartphone link and retains the signature combination of Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 time adjustment, and the Triple Sensor with pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass, and thermometer. The all-new dial layout features subdials with an indicator for the altimeter and barometer (which doubles as a battery level indicator during timekeeping mode) and a dedicated indicator to display the bearing. The Bluetooth connectivity and Casio Watches smartphone app provide advanced functions such as the mission log (to record route waypoints and their altitudes), location indicator, and bearing indicator.   Multi-Band 6 Mud and Dust Resistant Bluetooth Altimeter Barometer Compass Thermometer Sunrise & Sunset TIme
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7 G-Shock Mudman GW-9500-3

G-SHOCK GW-9500 Mudman

The Mudman GW-9500 is the first G-Shock watch with a Pro Trek-style duplex LCD display, with the additional layer providing graphical pointers for compass and barometer readings. With its guarded buttons protected from mud and dust, the GW-9500 is an ultra-rugged series suitable for trekking, work, or sports in the most demanding environments.   Multi-Band 6 Mud and Dust Resistant Altimeter Barometer Compass Thermometer Sunrise & Sunset TIme
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8 G-Shock GMD-W5600K-9JR


The GMD-W5600 is the same smaller size as the basic GMD-S5600 with additional features such as Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment, 5 world times, adjustable light duration, button sound disabling, and adjustable date format. As Baby-G square models with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 are mostly limited to Japan, it remains to be seen if any G-Shock GMD-W5600 models will be released worldwide.   Multi-Band 6
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9 G-Shock DW-6640RE-1


The DW-6600 was launched in 1994 and was the first G-Shock watch equipped with the EL backlight that illuminates the background of the LCD display with a blue-green hue for easy viewing in the dark. It was discontinued in 2010 but revived in 2023 for the G-Shock 40th Anniversary. The new DW-6600 has a white LED backlight and improved battery life of approximately 5 years, and it shares the same functions as the current DW-6900. Along with its iconic case shape that was adopted by the DW-6900, the DW-6600 is notable for having been used by Navy SEALs.   5 Year Battery
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10 G-Shock DW-H5600-1


Along with being the most advanced of the classic “square” 5000-5600 series, the G-Shock DW-H5600 is also one of the most advanced G-Shock watches overall, with an MIP LCD display and fitness features such as an optical heart rate monitor, step counter, and accelerometer. Powered by training analysis by Polar, the DW-H5600 measures cardio load status, blood oxygen level, calories consumed with the type of energy sources used (carbohydrate, protein, and fat), and sleep with recovery status. The activity log with auto start and pause records up to 100 runs and the life log records daily step count data. The watch has support for four activities, including walking, running, gym workouts, and interval training. The DW-H5600 is also equipped with a Bluetooth smartphone link and is rechargeable by wired USB cable and solar-assisted charging.   Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Step Counter Vibration
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11 G-Shock GLX-S5600-7


Like its larger counterpart the GLX-5600, the small-size G-Shock GLX-S5600 is a G-LIDE surfing watch with enhanced functions over the basic GMD-S5600. Although it doesn’t have the battery-life advantage of the GLX-5600, enhancements of the GLX-S5600 include a tide and moon graphs, moon age data, world time, 3 multi-function alarms with 1 snooze, a stopwatch with 5-second countdown auto start that measures in 1/100-second increments beyond one hour, button sound disable option, and selectable light duration (1.5 or 3 seconds). The GLX-S5600 has a bezel and band made of eco-friendly biomass plastics.   Tide Graph Moon Data
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12 G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A

G-SHOCK MRG-BF1000 Frogman

The G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000 essentially takes the analog GWF-A1000 Frogman and gives it the luxury MR-G treatment with a titanium screw-back case and bezel. The bezel is made of titanium treated with a deep layer hardening and a DLC coating, and the case back has a unique sapphire crystal insert with a blue vapor deposition.   Metal Case Multi-Band 6 Bluetooth Tide Graph Made in Japan
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