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Most Stylish G-Shock Watches for 2015

G-Shock watches have been getting a lot of attention in the fashion world with the New York Fashion Week 2015 appearances and the recent launch of the S Series for women. Here are our current top picks for the most stylish and affordable G-Shock watches for men and women.

The Heathered Series is a can’t lose pick based on the large-sized military-tested GDX6900 with a unique fabric-inspired textured pattern on the case, band, and face. Our favorite is the red version seen here.

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The GDX6900PM-1 is part of the Polarized Marble series featuring a unique purple and black abstract pattern that changes its color tone depending on what angle the light is reflecting off of it.

The GMDS6900 is a smaller S Series G-Shock designed for women. The gold GMDS6900SM-9 has a shimmering, energized look to it. This case is also available in a large variety of other colors.

Another S Series G-shock for women, the GMD-S6900F-4 has a unique floral pattern and is one of the most artistic and aesthetically pleasing G-Shocks ever seen.

The GMAS110HC is a G-Shock S Series watch for women based on the bestselling GA110 but with a smaller 49.0 x 45.9 x 15.8mm dimension to comfortably fit smaller wrists. We like this shimmering purple version. Also available in black, blue/purple, and other colors.

The big case of the GA110 measures 55.0 x 51.2 x 16.9mm and is currently one of the most popular G-Shock models. This GA110GD-9A manages to look both tough and stylish with its all gold color scheme.

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