New G-Shock Watch Releases For November 2021

Here are the new G-Shock releases for November 2021. Some models may be released in more regions than those listed. Some models may be released after November in some regions.

November 2021 releases for Japan that were already listed in October 2021 for Asia have been omitted. These include the Christmas-themed Precious Heart Selection GM-2100CH and GM-S2100CH, GMA-S2100WT tricolor series, yellow color origin tribute DW-5600REC-9, and Mars and Venus GST-B400MV/MSG-B100MV pair.

Also visit the collaboration post tag for more releases in November.

AWG-M100SVB-1A: Another “Virtual Blue” model, mid-size analog-digital with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6. Previous VB models were released in October 2021.
Confirmed: Japan

G-Shock AWG-M100SVB-1A

Grunge Snow Camouflage Series: Includes DW-5600GC, GA-2200GC, GA-900GC, and the GAE-2100GC limited box set with two bezels and bands.
Confirmed: Japan, Asia, Expected: U.S.


GA-110WLP-7A Wildlife Promising Collaboration: A Love The Sea And The Earth model with Grévy’s zebra-inspired stripes. Part of a matched pair with Baby-G BA-120WLP-7A, available individually.
Confirmed: Japan, Asia

G-Shock GA-110WLP-7A

Mystic Forest Series: Includes two GA-2100FR and two GA-2200FR models in green or brown camouflage with a mix-molded bezel and band.
Confirmed: Japan, Asia, U.K. (GA-2200MFR-3AER, GA-2200MFR-5AER), Expected: U.S.

G-SQUAD GBD-200SM-1A5 & GBD-200SM-1A6 with Skeleton Bezel: The first GBD-200 colorways released after the three debut models, featuring translucent bezels and colored inner cases inspired by sportswear.
Confirmed: Japan, Asia, U.K., Expected: U.S.

G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-200SM-1A5 and GBD-200SM-1A6: Skeleton Bezel with Orange or Purple Inner Case

GBX-100KI-1: The second collaboration with professional surfer Kanoa Igarashi. The pattern on the bezel and face was created from a photo of Igarashi riding a wave.
Confirmed: Japan, Asia, U.K., Europe, Expected: U.S.

G-Shock GBX-100KI-1 Kanoa Igarashi Signature Collaboration

GM-2100RI21-7AJR: The second collaboration with professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa, with a dial pattern that resembles a golf ball.
Confirmed: Japan

G-Shock GM-2100RI21-7AJR Ryo Ishikawa Signature Model for Casio World Open 40th Anniversary

G Presents Lover’s Collection 2021: LOV-21A-1A and LOV-21B-7 box sets with G-Shock and Baby-G pairs inspired by the “love equation.”
Confirmed: Japan, Asia

G Presents Lovers Collection 25th Anniversary 2021 LOV-21A-1A

G Presents Lovers Collection 25th Anniversary 2021 LOV-21B-7

Rangeman GW-9407KJ-3JR Earthwatch Collaboration: Love The Sea And The Earth model inspired by the swell shark that emits a bioluminescent green glow, featuring a neon green translucent bezel and phosphorescent face part.
Confirmed: Japan

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9407KJ-3JR Love The Sea And The Earth 2021 Earthwatch

MTG-B2000XMG-1A Rainbow Mountain Edition: Limited edition featuring a multicolored and multilayered carbon fiber-reinforced bezel and rainbow IP on the inside bezel ring. To be released November 27 in Japan, possibly December in other regions.
Confirmed: Japan, U.K., Europe, Expected: Asia, U.S.

G-Shock MTG-B2000XMG-1A Display

Moncler Genius x G-Shock GM2100: Part of Moncler’s House of Genius collection. Went on sale November 4 at the Highsnobiety online shop (now sold out) and possibly also at House of Genius pop-up stores around the world.

Moncler Genius x G-Shock GM2100 Box

G-Shock GBA-900SM-1A3 & GBA-900SM-7A9: The first GBA-900 colorways following the debut of the connected step-tracking series in April.
Confirmed: Asia, U.K., Expected: U.S., Europe

G-Shock GBA-900SM: GBA-900SM-1A3 & GBA-900SM-7A9 in skeleton black-green and white-green

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