Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20SC Limited Black & Gold with Composite Band

Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20SC Black & Gold with Composite Band

Casio Pro Trek is set to release a new Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 model in June 2018. Unlike the recent budget-oriented WSD-F20A, the WSD-F20SC is a deluxe limited edition model. The WSD-F20SC features a black and gold color scheme, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, and field composite band with a folding clasp lock. Aside from these external upgrades, the Google Wear OS-powered WSD-F20SC has the same functions as the WSD-F20.

The WSD-F20SC is limited to 700 units worldwide and has a list price in Japan of ¥100,000 JPY.

Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20SC Composite Band

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