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Pro Trek WSD-F30RG Smartwatch at the Casio Outlet

WSD-F30 Dual-Layer Display

We just noticed that the Pro Trek WSD-F30 smartwatch is largely unavailable in the U.S. and absent at the usual places like protrek.casio.com and Amazon (except as an expensive import). We’d like to think that they cleared it out in anticipation of the new G-Shock smartwatch that is expected soon, but who knows? (The WSD-F30 series no longer appears on the Pro Trek USA, Europe, and Asia sites, but it does still appear on the Pro Trek Japan site and at casio-intl.com.) In the U.S., the orange WSD-F30RG is still available at outlet.casio.com. The price is $219.00, which is quite a discount from the original list price of $500. The outlet has other stocking stuffer possibilities, with the WSD-F20ABU ($150), Pro Trek PRG330-1 ($99), eight G-Shock watches, three G-Shock S Series watches for women, five Baby-G watches (including the Hello Kitty x Baby-G BA120KT-7A for $90), and four Edifice watches.

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