Rangeman, Mudman, Frogman Men In Camouflage now at Amazon

The G-Shock Master of G “Men in Camouflage” Rangeman GW9400CMJ-3 and Mudman GW9300CM-1 are currently available from Amazon with free shipping for well below list price. The prices are competitive with the lowest eBay prices and in the case of the Mudman even lower. This Mudman is a good choice as it features Multiband 6 radio time synching which the standard G9300 lacks and you are getting a limited edition for about the same price as a Japanese Mudman GW-9300-1JF import would cost. [Update: As of 6/10/15 this is no longer the case as the price has increased $70+. See eBay link for lower prices.] Along with the unique limited edition colors and camouflage band designs, the Men In Camouflage series also features an upgraded band with a carbon fiber insert. The Frogman GF-8250CM-2 is also available.

GW-9300CM-1 Product Page

GW-9300CM-1 on eBay

GW-9400CMJ-3 Product Page

GW-9400CMJ-3 on eBay

GF8250CM-2 Product Page

GF-8250CM-2 on eBay

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