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The Razer Nabu Watch looks like a G-Shock

Razer Nabu Watch

The new Razer Nabu Watch looks suspiciously like a G-Shock Mudman G-9000 crossed with a Rangeman GW-9400. It is made of polycarbonate materials, is shock resistant to a 5-meter drop and water resistant to 50-meters. The idea here seems to be more of a tribute than a direct copy, as the Nabu Watch’s main selling point is not toughness but its smartphone connectivity and Nabu fitness features. It is essentially a big digital watch combined with a Razer Nabu fitness band.

Features familiar to Casio G-Shock owners include a 1/100 second stopwatch (with elapsed time and split time), countdown timer, world time, illuminated backlit display, 3 alarms (with daily or weekly repeats), full auto calender, hourly time signal, and 12/24 hour formats. The digital watch display and functions use a CR2032 battery with an estimated life of 1 year.

In addition to its standard digital display the watch also has a 128 x 1O6 OLED secondary display that can display call, messaging, and app alerts from a Bluetooth-connected smartphone and stream them ticker tape style. The secondary display can be activated by raising one’s wrist to view the watch, similar to G-Shock’s “Full Auto Backlight” feature. The secondary display also has a dedicated button.

The Nabu fitness part of the watch has a separate lithium polymer rechargeable battery (for up to 7 days battery life) which powers the secondary display, a 3-axis accelerometer, vibration motor, and Bluetooth (Low Energy) connectivity. The Nabu’s accelerometer can measure steps walked, distance traveled, calories burnt, hours slept, active minutes, and goals. The Nabu smartphone app allows viewing of fitness data and also syncs the watch’s time to the global standard. Nabu-connected apps allow for social alerts for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The rechargeable battery uses a magnetic proprietary USB cable for charging.

The Razer Nabu Watch standard edition with lime green accents is $149.99 while the Forged Edition featuring stealth lettering, stainless steel buttons is $199.99.

See more and order at www.razerzone.com/nabu-watch

G-Central’s Take:

We like the idea of the watch’s connectivity features having a dedicated display and separate rechargeable battery, but we have to wonder if Razer would have been better off with an original design more in tune with their sleek gaming laptops rather than copying modern G-Shock styles. The price is certainly reasonable and hopefully the rugged design will alleviate the build quality issues people seem to be having with the Razer Nabu Band on Amazon.

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6 years ago

The price is too good to be true. It has to be mediocre in some way. Anytime tech looks like a steal it probably just garbage. I’ll wait for a review.

5 years ago

This site is great! The watch described above has a long way to go! As for “connectivity” most Gshockers are into G’s because they understand how much it means to be Off The Grid with their equipment.