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These six limited edition G-Shock watches are still available

Missed the latest John Mayer G-Shock collaboration and don’t feel like spending over $100 more for it on eBay? Here are some other recent limited editions that are still available without a huge markup.

The Rick and Morty DW5600RM21-1 features the two character’s faces on the EL backlight.

Rick and Morty x G-Shock DW5600RM21-1 Box and Case

The Budweiser DW5600BUD20-7 features the brand’s signature colors, a branded stainless steel band keeper, and a unique can case.

Budweiser x G-Shock DW5600BUD20 Can Case and Box

The DW5600LH-4 collaboration with New York artist Curtis Kulig makes a nice stocking stuffer for a loved one.

G-Shock DW5600LH-4 EL Backlight

The GM5600SN-1 has a unique rainbow ion plated stainless steel bezel.

G-Shock GM-5600SN-1PFS

The subdued colors of the BlackEyePatch GA900BEP-8A are inspired by workwear.

The full-metal titanium GMWB5000TVA1 is still available at Reeds Jewelers.

GMW-B5000TVA-1 Angle

The John Mayer and Hodinkee DW6900JM21-7 is also due to be released in Canada and Mexico, so there is a still a chance for people in those countries to buy it.

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28 days ago

Is there confirmation that the John Mayer edition is slated to be released in Canada?

20 days ago

That’s the wrong Budweiser. I’d only wear a Budvar watch 😛