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ToughGadget blog covers rugged technology

As the G-Shock and Casio news slowed down after an exciting holiday season and CES 2016, we had some time to explore other areas. There are a lot of rugged gadgets and electronics we are interested in and want to write about, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to write about them here. So we started a brand new tech blog called ToughGadget.

ToughGadget seeks to cover the latest in rugged electronics for outdoor use. Rugged is defined as shock-resistant and/or water-resistant with an emphasis on Ingress Protection (IP) ratings and compliance with MIL-STD-810 environmental stress testing. Along with news about the latest rugged gadget releases, there will also be buying guides for specific categories such as smartphones and wearables.

So far the articles that will probably interest sport watch enthusiasts the most are overviews of the best Garmin GPS watches here and the best waterproof smartwatches here. There are also articles about Bluetooth speakers, cameras, drones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and travel gear.

Visit ToughGadget at toughgadget.com

(Rest assured we’re not losing interest in G-Shock.)

ToughGadget Tech Blog

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