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Teddy Baldassarre drops G-Shock watches from helicopter

YouTuber Teddy Baldassarre, who usually covers luxury watches but is known to cover G-Shock at times, recently conducted a unique torture test by dropping G-Shock DW5600BB-1 watches from a helicopter (see video below). Baldassarre oversaw the action on the ground as his team member Ben dropped the watches from various heights ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters.

G-Shock DW-5600BB-1 Angle

Spoilers Ahead: The watches from the 10-meter and 20-meter drops survived and were still functioning, but the watch from the 30-meter drop had a cracked screen and did not work. He did another 30-meter drop which resulted in the watch breaking, but a third 30-meter drop resulted in the watch surviving and still working. He then dropped another G-Shock from 40 meters, which resulted in the screen cracking and the buckle coming off. Another drop from 40-meters (this time with the band closed) resulted in the watch “exploding” with the case back and module coming apart, but the module and LCD display was still working. Yet another drop from 40-meters resulted in the band coming off but the watch still working. At the next 50-meter drop, the screen broke. At the final height of 100 meters, the screen broke but the watch otherwise remained intact. Other brands of watches from Amazon were dropped at various heights and generally did not fare was well as the G-Shocks. G-Shock watches are extremely tough and durable when used as intended, but if there’s one thing we can learn from this video, maybe you shouldn’t drop them from a helicopter.

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