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Watch Accessory Gift Ideas for G-Shock Owners

A G-Shock watch would be the ultimate gift to give to someone special, but if the recipient already has one (or many) there are other items that would make great gifts as well. Here are some accessories that are likely to please any G-Shock owner.

Wooden Watch Case with Glass Top

A great choice for someone who owns a lot of G-Shocks, this affordable wooden case holds 12 watches and has a large glass lid so Tough Solar watches can charge inside of it. The border around the glass is relatively thin and won’t get in the way of the solar charging. Each section has a protective pillow and the case has a felt bottom to prevent it from scratching any surfaces.


Case Elegance Solid Espresso Watch Case on Amazon

USB Solar Watch Charger

Those who work in low-light environments or use their backlights and sensors a lot on their Tough Solar watches may sometimes see their rechargeable battery level drop from high to medium. Instead of leaving the watch outside in the sun or dangerously close to a hot lamp, the CoolFire USB solar watch charger offers a convenient and safe way to fully charge a solar watch quickly with LED lights. It provides a 30,000 lux light output which is similar to direct summer sun and it will not overheat the watch. It includes two soft rubber caps to protect the displays of large and small watches. A USB cable is included but a USB charging adapter is not.


CoolFire USB Solar Watch Charger on Amazon

Bullbar Wire Face Protectors for G-Shock

“Bullbars” are wire face protectors that became popular in the ’90s with skateboarders and military personnel. Amazon seller JaysAndKays is the go-to source for aftermarket bullbars these days. JaysAndKays offer bullbars for the following models: DW-5600, DW-6900, GA-100, GA-110, GD-100, GA-120, GD-110, GLS-100, GD-120, G-9100 Gulfman, G-9000 Mudman, and DW-9052. Using bullbars may end up leaving marks on the watch’s case but it’s a trade-off some are willing to take for the extra protection and rugged look.


JaysAndKays G-Shock Bullbars on Amazon

Nylon Band and Adapter Set for G-Shock Gx1xxx Watches

JaysAndKays also sells a black nylon strap with an adapter set for the Gx1xxx family of large case G-Shock watches including the GA-100, GA-110, GD-100, GA-120, GD-110, GLS-100, and GD-120. User reviews report that the band and adapters work with some other G-Shock models as well. The strap is made of heavy duty military-grade nylon with stainless steel hardcore with a black PVD finish. It is approximately 11 inches long, 24 mm wide, and 1.5 mm thick.

G-Shock Black Nylon Strap and Adapters

Black Nylon Band and Adapter Set on Amazon

Leatherman Tread Adapter Set for G-Shock

The Leatherman Tread is a multi-tool designed to be worn on the wrist. There are 29 tools in 10 links that can be customized. That means you can add a G-Shock watch to it and make it a watch and multi-tool combo. In order to attach a G-Shock the ChronoLinks Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter is required. Take note that this adapter set does not include the watch or the Leatherman Tread as depicted in the picture. The strap adapters have a black DLC coating and are compatible with a large number of G-Shock watches including the DW-003, DW-004, DW-5000, DW-5200, DW-5300, DW-5600C, DW-5600E, DW-610,0 DW-6200, DW-6500, DW-6600, DW-6900, DW-9052, G-5600, G-5700, GW-200 Frogman, and GW-5600.


ChronoLinks Leatherman Tread Adapter for G-Shock on Amazon
(G-Shock watch and Leatherman Tread are not included with adapter set)

The Leatherman Tread below and a compatible G-Shock watch are required to use the adapter set above.


Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool (Black) on Amazon

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