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Where To Buy Casio G-Shock Watches (USA)

In our own experience and observations, the following retailers are some of the best places to buy G-Shock watches in the U.S., both online and in physical stores. All the retailers listed here are authorized dealers, which means all qualifying purchases will include a 1-year limited warranty from Casio. Casio is also offering a 12-month warranty extension for G-Shock purchases that are registered at Casio.com.

This is not a complete list of every retailer that sells G-Shock watches, but these are the ones that we recommend to our readers and G-Shock fans. For more authorized retailers, see the list at gshock.com. For more brick and mortar stores in your area, search G-Shock’s store locator by zip code.

Official G-Shock and Casio Outlets:

Gshock.com and Casio.com: These are the official e-commerce websites for G-Shock and Casio in the U.S. Though you won’t find sales on new releases, there are discounts on some older models. There is also outlet.casio.com, which offers some big discounts on older models and other Casio watches, and you can sometimes find discontinued models there as well.

G-Shock Soho Store in New York City: The G-Shock Soho store is the official G-Shock store in the U.S. In the past, the Soho Store has sold some Japan-only limited editions, making it the only authorized retailer to offer such models in the U.S. It also hosts events and releases exclusive New York-based collaboration watches.

Department Stores: Department stores can be a good place to browse and try on G-Shock watches in person, and they sometimes have good sales online and in-store. They are also a good place to buy Baby-G and G-Shock Women watches.

Macy’s – For a long time, Macy’s was known as the store to buy G-Shock watches at. Though there are many more options now, Macy’s can still be a good place to shop for new releases. In some areas, you can order online and pick up items at the store. They also sometimes offer exclusive gift sets that include unique G-Shock-branded items. Unfortunately, most of their watches do not ship to Hawaii or U.S. territories.

Bloomingdale’s – Though Bloomingdale’s doesn’t appear to get every new release, it does have a decent selection of popular and high-end models. It sometimes has unique gift sets and offers in-store pickup.

Online Retailers:

Amazon (affiliate link) – Though most of the G-Shock watches sold on Amazon are from third-party sellers who may or may not be authorized resellers, the watches that are “sold by Amazon.com” include a Casio warranty, as Amazon.com is an authorized retailer for the Casio watches it sells directly. Amazon is the best place to buy the cheaper basic G-Shock models, as well as some affordable Tough Solar models. Amazon also sells Pro Trek watches at substantial discounts. Shop on G-Central’s curated Amazon page at amazon.com/shop/gcentralhq.

Specialty Retailers:

MLTD – This streetwear retailer seems to have the most frequent store-wide sales and discounts online, so it’s a good place to follow for new releases.

Reeds Jewelers (affiliate link): Though most people don’t associate Reeds with being a G-Shock dealer, that is starting to change. It seems to have a special relationship with Casio lately, as it is one of the first retailers to offer the British Army x G-Shock GG-B100BA-1A Mudmaster. It was also the first retailer that we know of besides Gshock.com to have new stock of the GA-2100-1A1 in 2020, and one of the first to accept pre-orders for the GBD-H1000 and GBD-100. Reeds also has physical stores throughout the southern statese. Reeds has free shipping in the continental U.S. for orders over $30, and free 2-day shipping for orders over $300.

Turntable Lab: Turntable Lab is an excellent vinyl record and music store that also sells G-Shock watches. Though they don’t get every new release, they sometimes have limited edition models that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Zumiez – The popular youth lifestyle retailer is often one of the first places to offer the latest releases. It can also be a good place to look for limited edition models.

Boutique Watch Shops:

The smaller watch and jewelry stores can provide more personalized service than the bigger retailers, and they sometimes host special events with Casio. Many will accept pre-orders for upcoming watches, and they can be a good place to buy the high-end limited editions. While these are known as regional stores, they also offer online ordering.

Altivo – This Los Angeles-based store has a nice showroom on Melrose Avenue and also offers new releases earlier than most other retailers.

Arizona Fine Time – Arizona Fine Time is a well-known and trusted store among G-Shock fans.

Timeless Luxury Watches This Plano-based (near Dallas) business offers pre-orders on some new releases and also has big discounts on some models.

Disclosure: G-Central is independently managed by fans and is not an official G-Shock site. For official support, visit world.casio.com. Please follow your region's official site for more release information. All articles are written by G-Central. We may earn a commission on purchases from our links to Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.

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2 years ago

Have had good experiences with Arizona Fine Time.

2 years ago

I had a bad experience with Arizona Fine Time. I ordered something that was sold as new, but it was used and had scratches on it. Fortunately they accepted a return without any issues.