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Baby-G launches Pretty Tough zine in London

Baby-G launched the Pretty Tough zine Tuesday night at a rooftop party at the Ace Hotel in London to celebrate the 21th anniversary of the Baby-G line. The free zine is made in collaboration with Baby-G and Anti-Agency and features “The Pretty Tough Girls,” a group of trendsetters in the realms of fashion, art, and music chosen for their creativity and individuality. The group includes photographer and stylist Phoebe-Lettice Thomson, hair and make-up queens Danielle and Nicole Kahlani, stylist Kylie Griffiths, DJ Lily Mercer, designer Cozette McCreery, and Instagram star Joanna Kuchta.

Look for the Baby-G Pretty Tough zine at the East G-Shock (Dray Walk, 91 Bricke Lane) and Casio London (5B The Market, Covent Garden) stores.

See some more photos at MTV UK.

Update: Now available for viewing and download at baby-g.co.uk.

Baby-G Pretty Tough Zine

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