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G-Shock Features Glossary

Analog-Digital: A hybrid display with analog hands and an LCD display.

Biomass Plastic: Also known as “bio-based resin.” Biomass plastic is sourced from renewable materials such as castor oil plants and corn, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional resin.

Carbon Core Guard: A typically slimmer and lighter type of G-Shock structure with a carbon fiber reinforced resin case.

DLC: A “diamond-like carbon” coating, a deluxe scratch-resistant surface treatment that is superior in durability to ion plating.

EL Backlight: Electro-luminescent backlight that illuminates the entire background of the digital display.

Flash Alert: The EL backlight flashes along with the buzzer for alarms and the hourly time signal.

Full Auto Light: Can be set to activate with a turn of the wrist when viewing the watch, and will only activate in the dark. An “auto light” (not “full auto”) will activate in light and dark settings.

Hand Shift: Pressing two buttons simultaneously will move the analog hands out of the way of the LCD display on certain analog-digital models.

Inverted LCD Display: An inverted digital display with a black or dark background and lighter digits. Also known as a “negative” or “reverse” display.

Ion Plating (IP): A physical vapor deposition process used to produce colors on stainless steel parts.

MIP LCD: Memory in Pixel display, a power-saving and high-contrast pixel display used in certain advanced G-Shock models with Bluetooth.

Multi-Band 6: A feature that automatically syncs the watch time with atomic clocks through the reception of radio waves from six transmitters worldwide. The transmitters are located in Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu), North America, England, Germany, and China. Also known as Multiband 6, Wave Ceptor, radio-powered, and radio-controlled. It is sometimes referred to as “atomic” timekeeping since it syncs the time with atomic clocks.

Multi-Function Alarm: The multi-function alarm on certain models can be set for the following types: daily, date (time at a specific date), 1-month (time daily during the month set), monthly (time on a specific numbered day every month). The Multi-Function Alarm is found on certain models like the DW-5600 and DW-6900 and should not be confused with the Daily Alarm found on other models. Note that “Multi-Function” may have a different meaning for different models. The multi-function alarm on some GST-BXXX models can be set as a daily, one time, or schedule alarm. The schedule alarm can be set with the time and a year, month, and day specified. It can also be set with only the year (for a daily alarm for that year), only the month and day (for a yearly alarm). The schedule alarm can also be set with only the month, only the day, only the year and month, and only the year and day.

Neobrite: Analog hands with a luminous coating. Sometimes used on index markers too.

Neon Illuminator: Uses a UV-A (blacklight) LED to illuminate phosphorous-coated hands and markers vividly in the dark. It is more common on Pro Trek watches than G-Shock.

Sapphire: A type of display glass on high-end models that offers superior scratch resistance than the standard mineral glass.

STN LCD Display: Super-twisted nematic LCD display that provides better contrast and viewing over regular LCD displays.

Super Illuminator: A high-brightness LED light.

Tough Movement: An analog movement featuring Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time syncing, a hybrid mount structure for enhanced durability and resistance to g-forces, and an hourly automatic needle correction function. Generally, G-Shock and Pro Trek watches with three analog hands, Tough Solar, and Multi-Band 6 are Tough Movement models.

Tough Solar: Casio’s solar watch technology that uses solar panels on the display and a rechargeable battery, capable of charging from the sun and indoor lighting. Features a large capacity rechargeable battery and an adjustable power save function that puts the watch in sleep mode in the dark.

Triple G Resist: Resistance to shock, centrifugal gravity (g-forces), and heavy vibration.

Triple Sensor: Environmental sensors including a pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass, and thermometer. The Triple Sensor on the Frogman GWF-D1000 includes a water depth sensor in place of the pressure sensor.

Twin Sensor: Compass and thermometer.

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