G-Shock Watchnavi (English ‘Perfect Bible’) archive book PDF scan to celebrate G-Shock’s birthday

G-Shock Watchnavi Special Edition 2015 Ver.1 PDF Scan

To celebrate G-Shock’s birthday (April 12), we’re sharing a scan of the G-SHOCK WATCHNAVI SPECIAL EDITION 2015 Ver.1 book. We normally don’t scan and share publications like this, but this was a promotional giveaway item in Singapore that was never sold at retail, and it is out of print and difficult to find now. We want to preserve this fine resource and make it available to everyone, before it has a chance to disappear forever.

The contents are based on the G-Shock 30th Anniversary Perfect Bible Japanese book from 2013 but with all of the text translated to English. After there was no Perfect Bible released for the 40th Anniversary in 2023, it looks like we may not see another one in the future (or maybe not until the 50th Anniversary), and that also gave us motivation to do this. I had to sacrifice the binding of my only copy to scan it, but I was worried that I would end up losing it or damaging it worse in the future, so it wasn’t a hard decision. Also, G-Shock’s official archive of past models is no longer accessible through a website, but the official Casio Watches mobile app has a database of past and current G-Shock models, including all of those in this book.

The Watchnavi book contains a comprehensive archive of over 2,300 G-Shock models released (in Japan) from 1983 to 2015 with an image and brief description for each watch. It also has numerous articles about various G-Shock series, technology, and history. (We suggest using the Casio Watches app if you want to see more detailed specifications for each model.)

[PDF, 64.2MB]

We’re not sure if we will have to take it down later for whatever reason, so we’ll leave you with some other useful G-Shock resources below.


Casio Watches App: Includes the original G-Shock searchable model database like the Watchnavi book but with full specifications plus current models in the “Discover G-SHOCK” section. Requires a Casio ID (available with free registration). It is available in multiple languages which depends on your Casio ID location setting.
[Google Play Store] [Apple App Store]

Casio Watch 50th Anniversary Site (casio.com): Contains a wealth of information about the origin and development of Casio watches, starting with the Casiotron in 1974 and including G-Shock (in the “Discover the 50 years of Casio watches” link).

Shockbase – Casio G-Shock Database (shockbase.org): This useful non-profit fansite contains an even more complete database, as it also seeks to archive all past international and collaborative releases.


G-SHOCK by Ariel Adams: This best-selling Rizzoli coffee table book by aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams was released during the G-Shock 40th Anniversary and features exclusive photos and writing.

Casio Watch Complete Book: This book was made in collaboration with Casio to celebrate the Casio Watch 50th Anniversary, and it has a lot of G-Shock content. It is bilingual with Japanese and English text and is available in select countries at kinokuniya.com (including U.S.A. and Australia).

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