G-Shock Japan releases more G-STEEL GST-W110D watches


G-Shock Japan is releasing three new G-STEEL GST-W110D models for October. The GST-W110D-1A9JF (left), GST-W110D-2AJF (middle), and GST-W110D-7AJF (right) have silver bodies, stainless steel bands, and a dual-layer bezel with a black resin inner layer and a stainless steel outer layer. The GST-W110D features Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 timekeeping in addition to full shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance. Each model has a list price of ¥45,000 JPY.


Back face with a gold index and gold front screws.

G-Shock GST-W110D-1A9

GST-W110D-1A9JF on Amazon GST-W110D-1A9JF on eBay


Blue face with a silver index.

G-Shock GST-W110D-2A

GST-W110D-2AJF on Amazon GST-W110D-2AJF on eBay


White and light gray face with a silver index.

G-Shock GST-W110D-7A

GST-W110D-7AJF on Amazon GST-W110D-7AJF on eBay

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