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Linus Tech Tips wears Pro Trek WSD-F20 smartwatch

Viewers of popular tech vlog Linus Tech Tips may have noticed that host Linus Sebastian has been wearing a Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 Smart Outdoor Watch regularly in 2018. Initially covered in a sponsored video, Linus seems to have taken a genuine liking to the unique smartwatch and says he just kept wearing it after putting it on for a photo shoot.

Linus has also been spotted wearing the WSD-F20 outside of his own videos in the CES 2018-set Unboxing Therapy video “Which Smartphone Do They ACTUALLY Use?” where he says “I like this watch better than I like my phone.”

In a recent video (above), Linus, a self-admittingly non-outdoorsy person, explains why he likes the GPS-equipped WSD-F20 as an everyday smartwatch. These reasons include the look, ruggedness, battery life, and the dual-layer display with the power-saving monochrome LCD time display.

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