G-Shock “Neo Tokyo” Akira-inspired series gets wide release

G-Shock Neo Tokyo Series

The G-Shock Black x Neon Series, a.k.a. Neo Tokyo Series, is one of the nicest color series we’ve seen lately, especially for those who like an old school G-Shock look that is subtle yet distinctive. Seemingly inspired by the “Neo-Tokyo” of Akira and other classic anime films, the series merges black stealth cases with red, yellow, and blue accents. The Akira influence can also be seen in the latest promotional video (below), which has a retro-style futuristic setting and a driver wearing a red jacket like the character Kaneda.

The U.S. release will include the mid-size digital DW6900BMC-1 (list price $99), large analog-digital GA140BMC-1A ($99), extra-large analog-digital GA700BMC-1A ($99), and extra-large analog-digital GAS100BMC-1A ($150) with Tough Solar power. The series will also be released in France and likely the rest of Europe.

View the full series and shopping links here.

G-Shock Neo Tokyo Series Promo Video:

G-Shock figures prominently in Neo Tokyo…

G-Shock Neo Tokyo Series


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