Pro Trek PRG-30B-3 & PRG-30B-4: Green and red cloth bands for the compact solar-powered sensor watch

PRO TREK PRG-B30B-3 PRG-B30B-4 Red and Green with Cloth Band

Pro Trek added two new colorways featuring a cloth band to the compact PRG-30 series. The green PRG-30B-3 and red PRG-30B-4 are equipped with Tough Solar power and the Triple Sensor. Each watch weighs 60 grams and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The smaller size (45.2 millimeters wide) in comparison to other Pro Trek Watches makes it suitable for men and women.

In Japan, the PRG-30B-3JF and and PRG-30B-4JF are August 2021 releases with a tax-included price of 28,600 yen each. The PRG-30 series was originally released in the Asia, Middle East, and Africa regions, but not in the U.S. or Europe.

Update: The PRG-30B-3 and PRG-30B-4 are being released in October 2021 throughout Asia.

Pro Trek PRG-30B-3: Green with inverted LCD display.

Pro Trek PRG-30B-3

Pro Trek PRG-30B-4: Red with standard LCD display.

Pro Trek PRG-30B-4

Pro Trek PRG-30B-4 Band



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