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Pro Trek PRT-B70BE-1JR Night Fishing Edition


The Pro Trek PRT-B70BE-1JR is a limited edition night fishing edition that includes a soft urethane band and a cloth replacement band. The cloth band features a striped camouflage pattern made with retroreflective and phosphorescent threads. The large arrow hand has a luminescent coating for enhanced visibility in the dark.

As part of the PRT-B70 angler line, the watch is water-resistant to 200 meters and features Bluetooth smartphone link with support for tide, moon age, and sunrise/sunset information for over 3,300 coastal points, along with the fishing timer and fishing memo functions to recommend the best times to go fishing and record the time, place, and barometric information of catches. The watch is equipped with a Quad Sensor (pressure: altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer, step counter) for additional outdoor and fitness functions.

The Pro Trek PRT-B70BE-1JR is a November 2021 release in Japan, with a tax-included price of 40,700 yen.

Update: The PRT-B70BE-1 was also released in other Asian countries in January 2022.

Standard PRT-B70 models are currently available in the U.S. at Amazon, with heavily discounted prices. (See PRT-B70-1 ad below.)


PRT-B70BE-1JR on Amazon PRT-B70BE-1JR on eBay

Pro Trek PRT-B70BE-1JR Night Fishing Edition with Retroreflective and Phosphorous Band

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