Pro Trek PRT-B70 Fishing Watch Tips Videos

Casio has English versions of its “Tips” videos for the Pro Trek PRT-B70 on YouTube, but unlike the Japanese versions, they are unlisted for some reason. Here’s a link to the full playlist, and below are two videos that show the Fish In Time and Fish Memo features.

The Fish In Time feature shows the best time of day to go fishing at your set location with up to four levels. An alarm can be set to go off when it is the prime Fish In time.

By holding a single button, the Fish Memo records data to a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. The data includes the fishing point coordinates, time, atmospheric pressure measurement, tide, and Fish In Time rating. A photo of the fish can also be saved as part of the data in the app, and the catch info can be shared with friends.

Other useful features of the PRT-B70 include 200-meter water resistance, tide graph and moon data, sunrise and sunset times, Quad Sensor (altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer, step counter), 3,300 fishing point setting, calories burned measurement, location indicator for backtracking, and mode menu customization.

The Fish In Time feature is also available on the affordable Casio Fishing Gear series and the deluxe PRW-70 and PRW-7000 models, but the Fish Memo feature is only available on the PRT-B70. Will we someday see a new G-Shock Gulfmaster with these features?

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