The one-of-one 18 karat gold G-Shock G-D001 sold for $400K at auction

G-Shock G-D001 Auction

The G-Shock G-D001 had a winning bid of $315,000 at Phillips’ The New York Watch Auction: NINE on December 10, 2023, shattering the estimated price of $70,000 to $140,000. Including the buyer’s premium, the total price the watch sold for is $400,050. The G-D001, also known as the 40th Anniversary Dream Project #2, is limited to just one watch in the world and was created with the assistance of generative AI. Along with being made of 18 karat gold, it has all-new and unique features such as a transparent dial, a 55-ruby movement, and gallium solar cells.

Considering the rare nature of the watch and the legacy of Casio and G-Shock, it’s not completely surprising that the watch reached such a high price. This is the first time that Casio has created a one-of-one watch to be sold by auction (with all proceeds being donated to the The Nature Conservancy), and there must have been some serious heavyweights competing for the watch. The total price is especially fitting as the G-Shock 40th Anniversary year comes to a close. Congratulations to the winner.

G-Shock G-D001 Auction Winning Bid

The G-Shock G-D001 had a total price of $400,050, according to the Phillips website (


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