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Amazon Prime Early Access Deals: Pro Trek PRT-B70 Fishing Series, Casio A100WE-1AVT, Edifice [Ended]

(Please return for Prime Day 2023 for more deals.)

Amazon is currently having its first Prime Early Access Sale from October 11 to 12, with limited time deals for Prime members. There are currently no Early Access deals on G-Shock watches, but Prime members can get a Pro Trek PRT-B70 for up to 43% off and the vintage-style Casio A100WE-1AVT for 27% off. (Update: These deals have expired, but some PRT-B70 watches may still be available at a discount.)

The Pro Trek PRT-B70 is a battery-powered watch featuring a Quad Sensor and a special fishing function that indicates the best times to go fishing for a specific location. The fishing memo function records the location and barometric pressure tendency of catches when connected to a smartphone. The Quad Sensor includes a pressure sensor (altimeter-barometer), compass, thermometer, and step counter, and the watch is also equipped with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. Other useful features for fisherman and outdoorspeople include 200-meter water resistance, a rotating bezel, sunrise/sunset time, and tide and moon phase information. When connected to a smartphone, the current location can be marked, and the second hand of the watch indicates the direction back to the location while the LCD display shows the distance to the location. This function is useful for backtracking to a base location when fishing unfamiliar spots. (This location indicator feature is also available on the G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100.)

PRO TREK PRT-B70 Fishing Series: PRT-B70-1 PRT-B70-2 PRT-B70-5

PRT-B70 on Amazon

The Casio A100 is a tribute to the F-100 from 1978 which was the first Casio watch with a resin exterior. The front buttons, which resemble a control panel, give the watch a retro-futuristic high-tech look. The A100WE-1AVT has a chrome plated resin case and a stainless steel band. On the Amazon page, the watch is mistakenly listed as a G-Shock, which it definitely isn’t.

Casio A100

There are also several Early Access deals on solar-powered Casio Edifice watches.



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