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Dominate x G-Shock DW-D5600P Collaboration in Indonesia

Dominate x G-Shock DW-D5600P Collaboration for 2020

Jakarta-based lifestyle brand Dominate is releasing a G-Shock DW-D5600P collaboration in Indonesia. The watch was revealed in a series of Instagram posts. (The watch is mislabeled as a DW-5600, but the photos clearly show a DW-D5600, which is a more advanced model with world time, 3 alarms, button tone on/off, auto EL backlight, and 10-year battery.)

Inspired my MA-1 bomber jackets, the custom limited edition watch has a stealth black scheme with a thick wire face protector, red Dominate and Brigade logos on the bands, and a custom printed case back with a Dominate bullseye logo and the slogan “Join the Brigade.” The upper band also features a gradated red dot pattern, and the lower band has “Dominate.” printed vertically in black block letters.

The watch will launch on April 17, 2020 at dominatebrigade.com (with international shipping available), select stores in Indonesia, and the Atmos Indonesia website.

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1 year ago

That module is an extremely nice one, one of the greatest non-solar modules.