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G-Shock Europe offering free hoodie with G-Shock purchase

G-Shock Europe is giving away a free G-Shock hoodie with the purchase of a G-Shock watch at the official online e-shop, from now until October 31. Use the code gshkgift21 at checkout to redeem the offer. The white hoodie has a G-Shock logo on the chest and a DW-5600 watch graphic on the sleeve. There are reportedly 500 hoodies available.

Official G-Shock Europe E-Shop: de.casio-shop (country is selectable)

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2 years ago

Unfortunately they follow the Henry Ford approach: You can get every size as long as it is “L” :-(

I wear Medium
I wear Medium
2 years ago

Yup… same here. I was looking/hoping that I could give a size preference, but no sir; one size, fits all. Anyone that wants to swap for an “M”?

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