G-Shock GA100BW-1ABT Box Set with Bluetooth Speaker

G-Shock GA100BW-1ABT Box Set

Casio USA released the G-Shock GA100BW-1ABT Box Set which includes the black and white GA100BW-1A watch and a G-Shock-branded waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The portable speaker includes a carabiner that is useful for attaching the speaker to objects or oneself while engaging in outdoor activities. The speaker also has speakerphone functionality and features last phone number redial, call pick-up and hang-up ability, and voice-prompt function.

The GA100BW-1ABT Box Set is a limited release available exclusively at Macy’s department stores and Macys.com.

G-Shock Bluetooth Speaker Box Set

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Moses encarnacion
Moses encarnacion
7 years ago

I just have a question wanted to tell u guys I love ur watches I have 13 watches only problem is the lights u guys put on the bottom of the watch at 6 why don’t u put lights on 3,9,12 not only 6 to get better light it will bring out the face of the watch just saying I’m a big fan of theses watches keep up the good work .

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