Get 25% off all G-Shock and Casio watches at Macy’s Friends & Family Spring 2024 promotion

Get 25% off G-Shock and Casio watches at Macy's Friends & Family Spring 2024 promotion is currently offering 25% off its selection of G-Shock and Casio watches with its “Friends & Family” promotion, which ends on May 5. (Enter promo code “FRIEND” on the cart page to apply the discount.) This is a good chance to get recent models or more expensive models from an authorized seller at a substantial discount. Macy’s is based in the U.S. and also ships internationally, but there appears to be only four G-Shock models available internationally and the shipping and duty charges may end up negating the discount. For U.S. orders, Macy’s ships to the 50 States and D.C., U.S. territories, and U.S. Armed Forces (Americas, Pacific, Europe). Some G-Shock models cannot be shipped to certain U.S. territories and locations, and these restrictions may apply to P.O. boxes, Alaska, D.C., Hawaii, and El Paso (Texas). (Check the “Shipping & Returns” drop down section on the product page.)

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Some suggested series watches with their after-discount prices, from newest to oldest release:
G-Shock Hidden Glow Series (GA2100HD, GA700HD, DW6900HD) with luminous dials and faces, $82.50 each
Casio MTPB145D21VT PRX-like 35mm unisex analog watch with Tiffany-style blue dial, $71.21
G-Shock GA2100BCE-1A, DW5600BCE-1, and GA2100BCE-1A blackout with Cordura Band and positive LCD display, $90 each
G-Shock GMAP2100 extra-small models, $74.25 each
G-Shock DWH5600MB-1 with heart rate monitor and black IP stainless steel front bezel, $240
G-Shock Mudman GW9500 models, $285 each
G-Shock DW6640RE-1 40th Anniversary limited edition DW-6600 revival, $112.50
G-Shock DWH5600 models, $224.25 each
G-Shock GBDH2000 models, $299.25 each
G-Shock GMB2100D-1A full metal with screw-back, $412.50
G-Shock GAB2100CT-5A solar and Bluetooth, brown with cloth band and positive LCD display, $127.50 (sold out)

There are many more G-Shock and Casio watches available (135 total), including four Mudmaster GGB100 models ($285 each) and the Rangeman GW9400-1B ($247.50).


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