G-Shock Midnight Fog Series evokes foggy nights in the city

G-Shock Mystic Fog Series: GM-110MF-1A GM-2100MF-5A GM-5600MF-2 GM-S2100MF-1A GM-S5600MF-6

Newly listed at Casio China and expected to be released worldwide soon, the G-Shock Midnight Fog series includes five metal-covered “GM” models with color-treated stainless steel bezels and translucent bands. These watches have softer hues and a frosted type of matte skeleton band for a subdued and stylish look. A honing finish is applied to the bezels before the ion plating, resulting in a high quality matte appearance. Models (from left to right, above) include the large black GM-110MF-1A, small black GM-S2100MF-1A, mid-size brown GM-2100MF-5A, mid-size blue GM-5600MF-2, and small purple GM-S5600MF-6. The GM-S2100MF-1A and GM-S5600MF-6 are smaller S Series models with a unisex style.

All five watches have standard (i.e. non-inverted) LCD displays, and they are all fully shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters.

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the GM110MF-1A ($230), GM2100MF-5A ($230), GM5600MF-2 ($210), GMS2100MF-1A ($210), and GMS5600MF-6 ($190).

G-Shock GM-110MF-1A: Large (48.8 mm width) analog-digital with black IP bezel. Japan model GM-110MF-1AJF (29,700 yen, tax-included).

G-Shock GM-110MF-1A

GM110MF-1A on Amazon GM110MF-1A at Reeds GM110MF-1A on eBay

GM-110MF-1A Band

G-Shock GM-2100MF-5A: Mid-size (44.4 mm) analog-digital with brown IP bezel. Japan model GM-2100MF-5AJF (29,700 yen).

G-Shock GM-2100MF-5A

GM2100MF-5A on Amazon GM2100MF-5A at Reeds GM2100MF-5A on eBay

GM-2100MF-5A Band

G-Shock GM-5600MF-2: Mid-size (43.2 mm) digital with blue IP bezel. Japan model GM-5600MF-2JF (27,500 yen).

G-Shock GM-5600MF-2

GM5600MF-2 on Amazon GM5600MF-2 at Reeds GM5600MF-2 on eBay

GM-5600MF-2 Band

G-Shock GM-S2100MF-1A: Small (40.4 mm) analog-digital with black IP bezel. Japan model GM-S2100MF-1AJF (27,500 yen).

G-Shock GM-S2100MF-1A

GMS2100MF-1A on Amazon GMS2100MF-1A on eBay

GM-S2100MF-1A Band

G-Shock GM-S5600MF-6: Small (38.4 mm) digital with purple IP bezel. Japan model GM-S5600MF-6JF (26,400 yen).

G-Shock GM-S5600MF-6

GMS5600MF-6 on Amazon GMS5600MF-6 on eBay

GM-S5600MF-6 Band

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S Anirudh
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