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G-Shock “The Savage Five” Series by Jahan Loh (aka Five Tiger Generals)

G-Shock Five Tiger Generals Series by Jahan Loh

G-Shock China unveiled The Five Tiger Generals Series, another limited edition collaboration with Singaporean artist Jahan Loh. The Five Tiger Generals is an appellation of the top five military commanders serving under one lord, and it has a long history in Chinese folklore and literature. This version is based on the story from the 14th-century historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” (Update: The series is called “The Savage Five” in other countries.)

Each watch represents one of the five generals, and the series is also influenced by the five constant virtues of Confucianism and the five elements. The series consists of an interesting choice of G-Shock models, some of which haven’t been seen for a while, including two GA-110, two GW-B5600, and one GX-56. Along with the unique color combinations, the watches have special patterns and designs on the bezels and bands, along with custom case backs. G-Shock China says that the robot head armor pieces pictured below are the watch boxes.

G-Shock Five Tiger Generals Series

The series is an October 2020 release in China. It is also expected to be released in Japan, throughout Asia, and possibly other regions, but only China has been confirmed so far.

(Jahan Loh previously collaborated with G-Shock on the Celestial Guardian Series and Seven Lucky Gods Series in 2018, as well as several other watches with G-Shock Singapore.)

Update: According to retailer Bic Camera, the series is coming to Japan as “The Savage Five Series” at the end of November 2020. The retailer currently has the GA-110SGG-3AJR (list price 22,500 JPY tax-included), GA-110SGH-4AJR (22,500 JPY), GW-B5600SGM-1JR (33,550 JPY), GW-B5600SGZ-7JR (29,150 JPY), GX-56SGZ-2JR (28,050 JPY) listed on its website, with the first four available for reservations. (Bic Camera’s prices are discounted from the list prices.)

Update 2: The “Savage Five Series” series is a November 2020 release in Asia, with the GA-110SGG-3A, GA-110SGH-4A, GW-B5600SGM-1, GW-B5600SGZ-7, and GX-56SGZ-2. Outside of China, the watches will come with a black and red box and tin case featuring Jahan Loh’s spaceman character.

Update 3: G-Shock U.K. announced that the GA-110SGG-3ADR (£159), GA-110SGH-4ADR (£159), GW-B5600SGM-1DR (£219), GW-B5600SGZ-7DR< (£179), and GX-56SGZ-2DR (£169) will go on sale on December 1, 2020, at g-shock.co.uk.

Update 4: In Singapore, the Savage Five Series will be released on December 4, 2020, in stores and online at g-shock.sg.

The cyan G-Shock GA-110SGG-3A represents Guan Gong (a.k.a. Guan Yu), wood, and righteousness.

G-Shock GA-110SGG-3A

The red G-Shock GA-110SGH-4A represents Huang Zhong, fire, and faith.

G-Shock GA-110SGH-4A

The black and gold G-Shock GW-B5600SGM-1 represents Mengqi (a.k.a. Ma Chao), gold, and wisdom. This model appears to have a gold IP stainless steel band keeper.

G-Shock GW-B5600SGM-1

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The white G-Shock GW-B5600SGZ-7 represents Zhao Zilong (a.k.a. Zhao Yun), earth, and benevolence.

G-Shock GW-B5600SGZ-7

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The blue G-Shock GX-56SGZ-2 represents Zhang Fei Bao, water, and propriety.

G-Shock GX-56SGZ-2

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