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Father’s Day gift box sets available at G-Shock U.S.

In time for Father’s Day, G-Shock U.S. has several gift box sets available that include a G-Shock watch and a G-Shock-branded gift item. Some of these sets were previously available at Macy’s, and now they are available directly from Gshock.com for shipping to U.S. addresses.

DW5600E-1VBF (Out of Stock): Includes G-Shock DW5600E-1V watch and black and red Bluetooth earbuds with a clear plastic carrying case. $99.

G-Shock DW5600E-1VBF with Bluetooth Earbuds

DW5600MS-1BTS: Includes a DW5600MS-1 watch with Bluetooth headphones. $99.

G-Shock DW5600MS-1BTS with Bluetooth Headphones

GA700-1BBOB: Includes G-Shock GA7001B watch with a black wallet. $99.

G-Shock GA700-1BBOB with Wallet

GD100-1BBTS: Includes G-Shock GD100-1B watch with Bluetooth headphones. $99.

G-Shock GD100-1BBTS Gift Box Set with Bluetooth headphones

GMAS120MF-CHG: Includes G-Shock GMAS120MF S Series watch for women and a pink external battery USB charger. $130.

G-Shock GMAS120MF-CHG with external battery USB charger

Purchase these gift box sets at GSHOCK.com.

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