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G-Shock x Supra GDX6900SP-1 and GMDS6900SP-7 Watches

GDX6900SP-1 G-Shock Supra CollaborationG-Shock is doing a second collaboration with street footwear/skate-wear company Supra for the GDX6900SP-1 and GMDS6900SP-7, to be released in August 2015. The GDX6900SP-1 is a limited edition matte black colored GDX6900 with a subtle polka dot pattern on the bezel and bands and a silver face with the Supra logo. The watch collaboration is based on a partnership with skateboarder Stevie Williams’ signature Estaban Supra sneakers line and is meant to emphasize both brands’ commitment to technical innovation, functionality, and style. A special edition Estaban shoe with the same polka dot pattern and a “G” on the top of the shoe’s tongue will also be available. The watch includes a custom box and tin with polka dot design. The GMDS6900SP-7 is an S version for women in a white color scheme with polka dots, making for a nice his ‘n’ hers combo with matching designs and contrasting colors. Like the men’s version, the S version watch will be matched with a white women’s Cuttler shoe. List price for each watch is $160.

GMDS6900SP-7 S Series Supra G-Shock Watch
estaban supra_g-shock shoe

Photo of the GDX6900SP-1 and GMDS6900SP-7 from G-Shock UK – Facebook.

GMDS6900SP-7 G-shock X Supra Shoes

Source: G-Shock Australia

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