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Many “G-Shock Mini” watches are available in Japan (GMN-500, GMN-550, GMN-691, GMN-692)

Bike shop and apparel retailer Chari & Co Japan has a whole suite of G-Shock Mini watches in stock (use Zozotown link below for international shipping). We’re not sure what the full story is behind this, as these models were thought to be discontinued. Many of these watches are also available on various marketplace sites in Japan (and Ebay), and based on what we’ve seen online, we believe that this is a case of the watches being re-released recently, but only through select retailers. These watches are also available at the Chari & Co shop on Zozotown, with international shipping available via Buyee. (The Zozotown shop does not have the blackout GMN-550-1DJR like chariandco.jp, but it has the black GMN-500-1B3JR with rose gold dial, unlike chariandco.jp.)

The available series include the GMN-500 (based on the AW-500), GMN-550 (DW-5500), and GMN-691/692 (DW-6900). The prices range from ¥8,250 to ¥12,100. One of the notable models is the GMN-500-5BJR “Chocolate Mint” edition for ¥11,000, with a dark brown bezel and mint green dial. Each series includes some models that are unisex friendly. G-Shock Mini watches are shock-resistant and water-resistant to 100 meters.

(For other small-size shock-resistant watches, see the G-Shock S Series and Casio Baby-G brand.)

Many G-Shock Mini watches are available in Japan (GMN-500, GMN-550, GMN-691, GMN-692)

GMN-500 on eBay GMN-550 on eBay
GMN-691 on eBay GMN-692 on eBay

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